Cuckold Sessions

Last night I met a little weasely man who said he wanted to be my cuck. I thought “this is better done than said” so I grabbed a couple of beautiful black men and took them downstairs to the hotel room.

I pushed the two white slaves into the corner to watch as I got down with these dark skinned beauties. I love the way dark skin looks on my smooth ivory body. Thankfully they had no dearth of testosterone. I don’t like sleeping with white boys. Shit, I’m 80 percent dyke. I do however get quite a rush from making them watch what they will never have.

Last night I met a boy from collar me. We met on the roof of the standard hotel in downtown LA. He wants to be my cuck.

He has sent me message after message telling me how he wants to find me studs and make sure I’m sexually satisfied. Anyone who has ever noticed my shape hopes I’m a nymphomaniac. I am.

When I arrived at the Standard fifteen minutes late he was not there yet. I got myself an overpriced drink and sat near the pool. “I want that hat” “give it to me … I want it” came at me from the corner. I turned to see a beautiful black man expressing desire for my headgear. I told him I would not give up my hat but maybe I would give up something else. I don’t know why I said it. It is not in my character to be so flirtatious. Usually I’m bitchier than that.

After half a martini what’s-his-name showed up. The beautiful black man said goodbye and I spent the next few drinks wondering why he left. The white cuck hopeful was pretty dull. We moved to a waterbed bubble. After another drink I went to the bathroom but stopped to talk to the black man and his friends. Yum.

I invited them over to our bubble. The original guy took his time getting there but he showed up. Then he noticed my ass. Where did you get an ass like that? He asked me. I had no time to answer him, he reached out and touched it. This was great for me, I love to have my ass touched. It made the cuck boy hard. We all sat there in the capsule of water bed, him feeling up my ass and legs and making just enough noise that security came and made several trips around the pod. We swapped black men, sending the noisy one for drinks, the polite quiet lawyer made small talk. I missed the ass groper. Finally I thought of my slave in the hotel room on the seventh floor. I should see if he is ready. I took the cuck and went to the seventh floor. When we got there I sent him back to the roof to retrieve the black men. I don’t know what he said but in no more than three minutes they were all back. White dull cuck boy and two beautiful black men. I pulled them in through the hotel door and proceeded to undress them.

I pulled off their shirts and molested their big strong arms.

They were shocked and stunned by my overt sexuality. I wanted to fuck these boys and I expected them to fuck me in front of a couple of white boys, standing and watching like it was a movie. I was right, they did what was expected of them.

If you have ever been in a room at the standard you know that they have this amazing glass shower placed right in front of the bed and behind it a long stretch of what would be a vanity, if it had a mirror. I pushed the white boys into the corner and got naked in the bathroom with the beautiful black men. I am sure it was quite spectacular to watch. I have such ivory skin with nothing on it and they were both statuesque black beauties.

I sucked them while wearing my spider hat and a pair of turquoise high heels. I fucked them in the bathroom and on the bed. For hours we got our nasty little freak on – the whiteys didn’t say anything. At some point one of the black men picked me up in the bathroom. I watched him fuck me in the bathroom mirror while I was completely suspended. I love shoes, black men and making white boys know their place. It was nice to get out.

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  1. I feel like I should preface this comment by saying:

    1. I’m assuming that this blog is the ‘real’ you. Or to say, this blog isn’t for marketing a made up persona to attract potential cliental. That any all stories are truthful and really happened though details may have been left out in the interest of writing time, readability or for similar inconsequential reasons.
    2. You owe me nothing. If you delete this comment after reading it, I promise not to hound you by sending you tons of silly emails, or post insults on Doing such a thing is childish, rude and serves no end.
    3. My own personal adventure into the fetish life started long long ago. I mention this not to present myself as an expert but to assert that this is something I’m not new to and that I’m someone with whom some level of experience is present.


    I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t understand the first thing as to the reasons any man would want to be a cuck. It escapes me in the same way that I don’t understand why anyone would listen to country music, vote republican or buy a minivan. That being said, my motivation to write this isn’t in regards to a fetish that I don’t understand but to see if I can learn something from/about you and/or, by extension, others of your ilk.

    I found myself with time to kill, the current state of the economy has forced that bit of harsh reality on many of us here in San Diego, so I decided to do a little web surfing and one thing to another and I popped back onto your blog after a long hiatus. As soon as I found it again I gave my self a little kick for forgetting to keep up with you since I find you to be a very interesting enigma. You’re obviously bright, pretty and confident and write in such a light hearted and open manner that the deep dark ‘evil’ fetishes that exist within me don’t seem so dark and evil after I finish reading your blog.

    Then I came across this entry entitled “Cuckold Sessions” dated Feb 12, 2008. I’m sorry to say, it made me little sick, disappointed and, I hope I don’t offend, wondering why this form of racism that you portrayed is not only tolerated, but celebrated. I know that must come across as cutting and harsh and for that I truly am sorry. I couldn’t come up with a way of writing it gently.

    I’m not talking about your apparent predilection for black men, that is what it is, but more about your apparent hatred for white men. I’ve noticed this in some other posts of yours, but the tone of those post(s) seemed to somehow underplay the severity of your hate. Here, in this post, your hate leaped off the screen. You weren’t just trying to humiliate that white guy, it read like you were trying to humiliate all white guys and he was the proxy. In rereading some of your other posts I think I saw some of that same attitude, though it is very possible I read it into the posts.

    This sentiment, and others similar, seem to be pervasive and not uncommon. I’ve run across a few personal sites that follow the same pattern as you have in this post only more so. Again, I don’t want to spend time on the role of the husbands and why they’re such wimps, but rather I mention this to point out that your point of view seems to be shared by others.

    It’s also a little shocking to read how reckless you seem to be with your own safety, and by extension, the safety of your sub/slave/whatever your wanna call him for a tryst. I’m well aware that this is none of my business. I bring it up only to call attention to a pattern of disregard for the number one rule of fetish play. Play safe.

    I’ve dated black girls, I have friends who are obsessed with Asian women. I’ve seen groups of black girls yell obscenities and ridicule The Ohio State Buckeye basketball players for having white girls in their cars. I have, however, never known any member of any race ridicule the opposite gender of their own race for just being who they are, except for white women.

    So my question is why? Why do you (apparently?) hate white men so much and find it necessary to rub our noses in the fact?

    I’m trying to guess at this on my own with no real luck. The only sort of conclusions that I can come up with are one, something tragic in your past, but that doesn’t make sense. If that was a cause then it would follow that any woman, of any race would react similarly, and this isn’t the case. Two that you might follow this belief I’ve seen here and there that black men are sexually ‘superior’ to white men. I dismiss this because you seem to be too well educated for such ignorance.

    I don’t expect you to answer for every woman who does this kind of thing, but I would very much appreciate it if you could help me understand this.


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