The Politics, The Censors, The Drama!

ticket-back-web.jpgCensorship Sucks!

I suppose you know your doing something right when the censors start to shut you down. It never feels like it though. Today my profile on Collar Me was suspended because to many people complained about me. I’m not sure why they give a fuck about me on a website designed to connect kinky people with one another.

Collar me is a page that has profiles of kinky people trying to find other kinky people. I’m a smoking hot dominatrix and I’m actually looking for a few good slaves. You would be surprised to discover exactly how difficult it is to find helpful, low maintenance, competent slaves. I have to put up a personal ad that then gets blocked because of complaints.

Maybe the users of CM are looking for overweight middle aged women who will make them lick the floor of their own apartment “on cam.” LOL I am not into domination on cam. I like to watch boys suffer.

I also updated my profile with some pretty edgy things that a dominatrix not say or do. Oh Hoo Hoo! I guess that when it comes to being kinky I just don’t fit in. I never liked seventh grade much – I skipped the whole year (read cut class not jumped to 8th grade) and this scene is starting to feel a lot like junior high school.

I’m sorry that I don’t validate the gods of perverts. I don’t follow the rules, I’m not interested in “acting” like a dominatrix. If I’m happy I’m gonna smile. Scowling will give you frown lines and tends to make you grumpy. I’m a fucking smiley dominatrix. Deal with it.

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  1. Hey, I just came across your website (this blogpost specifically) and wanted to say I’ve had the *same* troubles on CM. Just because I don’t take things (or myself) super seriously, I either get discredited as a domme or my profile / journal entries are removed or warned against.

    I’ve taken to putting up random Prince lyrics or ee cummings poems. Oh well.

  2. I totally agree with what you are saying. Believe it or not I write to Dommes saying this very thing as an attempt to reinforce their desire to stay on Collarme.

    I wrote to a girl last week who wants to have a collaring ceremony with her sub. In her profile she was asking what that was going to mean. Did it mean that they were engaged? Some see it as just that.

    I told her that the two of them should make up their minds as to what it ment to them and tell everyone else that is what it means for them and go on.

    There are no rules in bdsm. Only the ones that two people together make. Even safe, sane and consensual is not a universal law. Two people could go to a private home and choose to play un safe and insane, I guess it would still be consesual. lol but my point- whatever. Whatever two people what to do, thats what they should do, as long as they don’t kill one another, someone else, burn the church next door, slam my fingers in the door, or call my Mom a bitch then it’s all good.

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