Apologies are Better With Shoes!

green-shoeweb.jpgLast night I had a client in my dungeon. He was being given a very difficult vocabulary test and things were getting pretty silly. He could not tell me the difference between innervate and enervate so I was hitting him with a rubber chicken. At some point he tried to turn the tables and decided to make a slap towards me. DO NOT EVER HIT A DOMINATRIX the punishment for this is extremely unpleasant. This is not a dare or a test it is simple common sense. DO NOT EVER HIT A DOMINATRIX. If you are reasonably intelligent (even if you don’t know the difference between innervate and enervate) you are probably thinking “duh everyone knows better than to do that.” Yes, everyone does know better than to make a slap at a dominatrix, everyone except this bitch. I tossed him out on his ass, I threw his clothing out after him. It’s a good thing that my neighbor didn’t find him out there with his clothing in one hand and his car keys in the other – my neighbor is a big tough dude who I just adore, but he eats bitches like this as snacks.

The whiny little sucker calls me from his car saying “I’m so sorry Mistress. I was just being playful. I didn’t mean to …” “That’s nice, but apologies are better with shoes.” “I’ll buy you shoes, I’ll do anything, I really want to make it up to you. I’m so sorry”

I head out to my Benz and tell this boy to follow me. I drive to Whole Foods and tell him to get me a large bottle of smart water and meet me in the produce section. I make contact with my public golden shower boy (a different boy) who I have booked in the middle of this adventurous session. We walk half way around the block, duck down what looks like an alley but turns out to be a driveway headed to the back-side of a very crowded apartment building. We head toward the pool. “get down on the ground there” I say. Just as he is unzipping his fly some big tough looking dude from the back of the apartment building comes down towards us saying “what the hell are you doing?” I look at him “Oh so sorry we were just looking for a place to do something dirty – he he” “well don’t do it here – we live here” he utters before he turns and storms off.

I decide that we should leave before this guy becomes problematic. We head down the street to a construction area. I’m thinking, “Wow — how sexy would it be to piss on this boy here in the construction zone. I wish I had a hard hat. Could we climb up on the big machinery? Oh God, construction zones are so sexy” But alas the place is impossible to get into without being really obvious and ripping my stockings. We find a giant dumpster between the construction zone and another apartment building. “Here – get down on the ground … get it out” I piss all over this boy. I had been drinking water the whole time I was grilling the vocabulary slave. I had over two cups of pee. I let is splash all over his face, I got it all over his clothing, on his glasses, in his mouth and in his eyes. The whole time I was terrified that we were going to get caught again. The thrill that getting caught down by the pool added had me flying. I came as I pissed on this stranger and then I turned on my turquoise heels and left him there, jerking off next to the garbage can.

“Have fun at your movie” I called as I walked down the street. I went back to Whole foods and there in the produce section was the vocabulary fool. We grabbed a few things and headed to Nordstrom for a new pair of shoes.

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