Will I Ever Find Slave Right?

slave-right.jpgWhat does a stunningly beautiful dominatrix have to do to find a decent slave in this town?

I tried collar me and they banned my profile. Yesterday I posted on craigslist and have been sifting through hundreds of messages with cock shots, internet grunts, and (the one I like the most) “get psychological help fast.”

Shit before I’m old and over it I would like to find a bitch who can keep up with me. I am uber-kinky, sexy, fit, I have curves like Jessica Rabbit, I love latex, I have a great dungeon, and I’m a super pervy perv. I am also a very normal person. I am well educated, well read, and well spoken. I have no tattoos or piercings, I look like the girl next door. I am an awesome catch. So why is everyone so chicken?

Yes, I bite. But it feels good when I bite you and it makes me happy.

Here is how the post read:

I am a dominatrix iso one good slave. I love latex, shoes, stockings, public adventures, and gender benders. I have a huge collection of costumes and sex toys. I’m one hot kinky bitch. It shouldn’t be so hard for me to find Slave Right. I expect things to be done my way. I am not a switch or a submissive, I am bitchy, difficult, demanding, and an all around great catch. You need to be polite, somewhat rich (read not broke — be able to afford the lifestyle I deserve — sorry waiter / actors — I support the cause but I like nice things), have a flexible enough schedule that you can drop everything when I call, be polyamorous or into being cuckolded, excited about fetish fashion, female dominance, and my pleasure. I do not care how old you are — 40’s and married might be perfect. These are my pictures here — I do a lot of fetish modeling. I am real and completely natural. I have no tattoos or piercing. I don’t even dye my hair. I’m the kind of girl who you can take home to mom. I’m very well educated and dare I even say “normal.” I can make conversation with just about anyone, I love to travel, and the only thing out of the ordinary about me is the fact that I am a pervert. I am a big pervy pervert. Wanna Play?


After the painful process of being stood up by several “slaves” I met a man in a bar who said that he has been a fan of mine for a number of years. He has been watching me cross the country doing piss stops and comedy shows. He was really pretty decent. We started shopping and when we got to The Pleasure Chest (the squeakiest, cleanest, most sterile, mid-western friendly, sex shop in the world) he began to panic saying “you don’t need toys to hurt me with you can just use your hands.” I’m a lazy dominatrix, I like sex toys and I don’t want to get carpal tunnel, arthritis, or any other hand cramping thing that can happen when I use my hands. I like tools, gadgets, and accessories!

We bought only a few things because this boy was obviously panicky about being in a sex shop. He said he had never been in a sex shop. How is that even possible? When we got to my dungeon he began to freak out, one step from hyperventilating ‘I’m not really into all this stuff, I just like pain … I don’t want to get in the cage.”

“And how is this my problem?” I found myself wondering.

I am finding boys who want to be slaves to be as terrified of the sexy woman as they were when they were twelve years old. I’m the real deal – a stunningly beautiful, all natural woman who turns men into women, pisses on boys in public places, and keeps a large collection of sex toys, designer shoes, and books.

Will I ever find slave right?

8 thoughts on “Will I Ever Find Slave Right?

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  1. Why is everyone so chicken?

    We’ve never met. I’m a person who has been reading your ads and websites for the last couple of years and always found you fascinating. So I can’t speak for everyone but I can certainly say why I’ve been chicken:

    – You’re into public play. A lot of people aren’t comfortable taking their kink out in the open, either because they want to keep their kink in the closet, or because they’re not comfortable turning random bystanders (who can’t possible consent because they’re never asked) into involuntary voyeurs.

    – You openly advertise your perversions. This is kind of part 2 of the point above. Essentially, if someone is seen with you, even if they never act or say anything kinky, it’s assumed that they’re probably into some of the same stuff you’re into. Again, the shy and closeted need not apply.

    – You’re a performer. Anyone who has dated a writer or a stand-up knows that their life is a big source of their material. There’s always the risk that, either during or after the relationship, the partner ends up as fodder for the act or story. I suspect you’re more discreet than that, but it’s still a gamble.

    – You’ve got a TV or TS partner, or at least I believe you do from the ads of yours I’ve seen. Lots of guys aren’t bi, and aren’t comfortable being in sexual situations with men or the transgendered.

    – You’re a super pervy perv, which is awesome but can be intimidating. Many of us, especially those of us in the thick party of the perv bell curve, would have to wonder if they could keep up. If you had the same amount of energy and enthusiasm for, say, opera, it would raise the same flags. Sure, I love me a nice night Ring Cycle as much as the next guy, but I doubt I could live and breath opera every day, no matter how big a hard-on I had for Madame Butterfly.

    So that’s my take. Should you have to settle for a discreet, private, non-bi-friendly slave? Absolutely not! But it doesn’t surprise me that you’re having a hard time finding the opposite…especially once you add in “somewhat rich.” I would guess that the people who spend the most time trying to climb the corporate ladder are the least eager to have their sexual kinks made public.

    You must spend some time at play parties and BDSM events, right? Wouldn’t they be the most likely places to find the kind of slave you seek? If you don’t mind me asking, why haven’t you had better luck there?

  2. sometimes people cant understand simple things.
    it amaze me how many times this is the case.
    maybe they try to trick you, maybe they cant figure the difference between reality and fiction.
    maybe they are just wankers…i dont know
    for myself i would prefer to make reality out of fiction , just like the movie “stranger then fiction”
    well we dont have to die, but it could be interesting if somehow our thoughts become real.
    life could be more interesting but also a lot more dangoures…
    so,if someone like me(or anyone else who read this unique blog) want to put in an application for the position in hand , do we need to go to the DMV and fill out 16 different forms or is there any other way?

    love your writing

  3. Incidentally, though I may be too chicken to be “Slave Right,” I’m not so chicken that I wouldn’t happily meet you for a bite or a drink.

    Um, that’s “bite = food” and “drink = cocktail or coffee.”

    At least at first. Other things to be bitten or imbibed are open to negotiation.

  4. Interesting post. Have you read any of Bitchy Jones’ thoughts on the topic? I’ve noticed a couple other pro dommes who couldn’t find a good personal slave. I think that in many respects pro dommes have corrupted the thoughts of most male submissives. Here is my thought process: many dominant women end up as pro dommes (not all, but a lot), many submissive males get their first taste of D/s with pro dommes, but a submissive male sessioning with a pro Domme has a lot more say in the session than a true slave. He’s the customer and as the saying goes, the customer is always right. So male slaves start to get a sense of entitlement as to deciding how the D/s relationship will be. That’s why there seem to be so few male slaves who jump in the cage and keep quiet when you tell them to do so. They’ve learned from pro domme sessions and think they can run the show from the bottom.

  5. So how to respond to this post?

    I have followed your career online for several years. I find you funny, ridiculously sexy, and the kind of woman I could spend a decade with as a benefactor, toy, cuckold, and companion.

    I am married to a beautiful, caring, vanilla woman who doesn’t understand me professionally, sexually, or socially.

    I am sick of seeing professionals, who by virtue of the 2-3 hour window of the relationship cannot see, much less scratch, the itch that needs scratching.

    I am ready to make a move.

    But how to approach someone like you as a 30-something bi-sexual MWM living in the suburban northwest? And, is all fair in love and war?

  6. No you will not find the “slave right” hardly anyone ever does including Dommes who are realistic.

    Vanilla fantasy example – Sex with a bunch of celebrities.

    BDSM fantasy example – Such as above page

    My girlfreind may want me dressed as Troy. I may want to dress my girlfreind up as Lara croft however she isn’t actually Lara Croft and I’m not actually Brad Pitt.

    The abundance Pro Domming makes F/m largely into just fantasy, there are practically no reedeeming factors within F/m as a real people.

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