Why Are We All So Neurotic About Our Kink?

Widow Centauri with Rubber Chickens and WhipI want to take the time to answer a question I recieved this morning from a cute boy with a dog in his picture.

QUESTION? Thank you for returning my message. Seems I’m not ready for your caliber of work, I’m not into pain, I enjoy anal play very much and some humiliation by enema maybe like piss play too. Has to be sensitive soft slow and deep. My question is? Is that considered s&m or femdom or sissy training or what. I feel I have a hybrid fetish some times, very particular.

No one is ever ready!
I don’t need my slaves to be into pain. I am sadistic but I am also very creative. Pain in the physical sense is far to easy to control and move beyond. Emotional pain is something I love to play with. Are you ready? No — big surprise. I’m pouting.

HAS TO BE sensitive … I understand that you have a preference for slow sensual play but including HAS TO BE in a message to me is probably not the best way to get what you are after. Asking politely if I might offer sensual dominance is a much better idea. Yes I do. I’m not a scowling, pain inflicting domme. I’m as playful as they come. I have a lot of range and often prefer to have a hot tease and denial session in a public place than a more traditional Sm scene in a dungeon.

Is that considered s&m or femdom or sissy training or what. I feel I have a hybrid fetish some times, very particular.

I think people get too hung up on labels. It sounds to me like you are experimenting with your sexuality. That is a natural thing to do. this is supposed to be fun, not stressful. Don’t worry about what it is called, just dig it. You like humiliation, anal, enemas and piss play. You know what you are into — why worry about how it might be defined? Chill.

Everyone likes what they like, think that they will never do something, change their mind, and tries to shake this kink thing and be vanilla like a normal person. We all do it but there is no reason to get all wrapped up in what things are called, if this is bad and dirty, or if you will ever find someone who likes the same things. You might find someone, you might spend your whole life looking. Prodommes are capable of dealing with your particular needs. Visit them, be polite, and pay them well.

As far as the hybrid thing goes — I like them too but I’m a lot more for the veggie mobile! A car that runs on corn oil is wicked sexy!

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  1. Well actually I’m not freaking out too much or neurotic. I just need to narrow down this lovely fetish of mine in order to ask for it, or reference it for information, or toy’s etc… I have experimented with girl friends a few times and just love it. I have hope that at some point I will meet a beautiful, sexy, classy, fetish girl who owns it… Until then thank you for the wonderful break down on the finer-tuning of S&M. It leaves me with a deep excitement of things to come. Your a special person Mistress I appreciate your thoughts…

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