Have an RV? ~~~~~ Be My Road Bitch!

rvwidowtop.jpgI am planning a nationwide tour. I’m booking my one-woman show, If Lucy Had A Whip: Tales of an American Dominatrix, and taking it to fabulous places like Omaha, Buffalo, and Reno.

Sounds like fun, hun?

Anyway, last time I did a big tour I had a guy contact me and tell me that he had an RV and would love to be the driver / road bitch. I need you now. If you are sitting on your ass somewhere in fuck all USA and you have an acceptable RV, several months to drive around, and a seriously masochistic streak call me up.

You know you want to drive around with the stand up comic dominatrix. I love public golden showers, crazy role play, and adventures galore! Fire up the ol’ Winnebago and make room for my shoes.

The tour details will be blogged here:


2 thoughts on “Have an RV? ~~~~~ Be My Road Bitch!

Add yours

  1. Sorry to say I don’t have an RV, but if you line one up, I could see a new service: drive-up domination. Imagine the RV pulling up to someone’s house, your assistant toots the horn and the client hops in. Handcuff him in the bathroom, take him to the parking lot of the local Wal-mart and do your magic. Then drop him off back home, beaten, soaked with your piss and happy.

  2. You could add a shave and a hair cut. Then his spouse will be so proud of him as she didn’t have to bug him to get a hair cut.
    The possibilities are endless.

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