One Good Bitch. Is That Too Much To Ask For?

How is the slave seeking going?

That is the question of the week.

Pretty poorly if you must know the truth.

I met with several slave wanna be types in the last week and here are some of the highlights.

The Famous Rock Star

Not only had I never seen him, no one stopped him on the streets, he was not as well known as he had declared in his email. His car – a rock star mobile at that – a 1984 Honda that had never been cleaned. His most impressive quote “you can’t scare or offend me” an hour later he was running down the hall after he realized that I was looking for a slave, not a lover. I guess putting him in the cage made him realize that his wife wanted him home in time for supper. Funny how that slipped his mind before he was in my dungeon.

The “Experienced Player”

He was barley legal. I met him and said “I’m surprised by how young you are” because most guys who claim to be experienced are at least thirty. I’m not sure he was old enough to drink with me, he didn’t. He bought me a gift – then he sent me an email asking for it back! WTF? This is no slave of mine – shit I wouldn’t have dated an Indian Giver before I was a professional bitch! Holy Moly

Then there was the guy who said “Let’s Go Shoe Shopping”

and left me there in Macy’s when I wanted a pair of orange strappy shoes that didn’t fit his idea of what he wanted. I guess shoe shopping is code for sex in his world. He did make some suggestion that we get a bottle of rum and head to his apartment. No thanks – I have a full bar at my house and a movie theater too. At least he ditched me somewhere civilized – I love shoes and was so busy trying them on that it took me a good hour before I realized that he wasn’t coming back from the bathroom.

My Last Lover

3 thoughts on “One Good Bitch. Is That Too Much To Ask For?

Add yours

  1. I hear many nightmare stories from dominant friends of mine.

    I really think it depends on the context of how two people meet. I’ve learned a lot about what kind of person they are based on how they want to meet the first time.

    There have been times when someone asked me to meet and I suggested coffee while they suggested shopping.

    I’m thinking of writing a “red flags” post.

  2. Well I am telling you now if you’ll still let me buy you a pair of shoes Monday I won’t leave you anywhere. Just being talked to by you is an honor. I’m a little shy at first. I’m not a rich slave like I know you are searching for. I’m just a middle class slave. I saw you wanted new shoes and wanted to get you a pair. I had no hope or thought of being a slave to you…although what slave hasn’t dreamt of it, a lot. I hope you’ll still meet me Monday at Noon where you suggested. I will be there.
    slave rwb

  3. Caging is the key. If you find you can lock up alone for 24 hours and he goes along with it, then you’ve found a keeper.

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