A Beer Bash Isn’t For Women In Pink Dresses

Bunny Monroe Head Shot

Easter—it makes me think of gay boys drinking beer and pissing on each other. Wanna find out why? I’m on my way to the Faultline. If you want to have a fantastic adventure now is a good time to call. I probably won’t hear my phone ring once I get to the bar.

Several years ago my friend JoJo called me up and asked me if I would help him run a beer bash at a local gay bar. Sure thing I said, not fully understanding what a beer bash even was. “Butch it up” he told me. I arrived in my favorite Easter dress, everyone scowled.

When JoJo saw me he said “I told you to butch it up and you come in this pink dress … WTF?” “I drove the truck” I said pointing at a monster mobile that wasn’t even mine.

Well “your gonna run the keg … good luck with that” he said as he handed me a tap and scurried off to attend to his gay boy administrative duties.

I discovered pretty fast that a beer bash is a $5 all you can drink cheap beer extravaganza! Gay boys began flocking to my keg faster than I could pour. At first they were a bit cunty about my dress but after a few beers the bi curious ones started talking to me and my the end of the night I was dancing with a group of hard bodies in my underwear.

There were a few other women there but they had butched it up. My choice to wear a pink frilly dress and Easter bunny ears made me quite a hit, once everyone had their $5 worth. Now Easter it is my favorite kinky holiday!

I am off to the Faultline for a beer bust – thanks JoJo for turning me onto them. The sexy gay boys rubbing up against each other – the piss boys recycling their beer – I just love it.

OMG I have to go masturbate!

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