Living Life Like I’m On Shore Leave! ~~~ or how to get a session on the cheap!

Kinky Fun!

I’m sitting here in my office and I have my second beer, a cookie, and a pistol sitting next to me. I don’t plan on shooing anyone it just happens to be sitting next to my computer. It is loaded.

Lately I have been pretty stressed out. I have been waiting anxiously for a green light that I was expecting a month ago. I know quite well that it could take another month, maybe two or three if things move really slowly.

I have been trying to make plans. What a waste of fucking time. I have though “we should head to the cape now” … “We should give up our Hollywood apt and get ready for action” But wait, it is rent controlled and what if the green light I am expecting is red? Shit, that would be a problem. I have tossed and turned, considered going to Bikram Teacher Training to pass the time, and finally I settled on the best of all possible options.

I am going to have fun.

Most people would want four months of nothing to do but sit on their ass and wait. I find it burdensome so I thought I would drink, act like I’m in New Orleans and party till the light changes from Yellow to Green. I have never been much of a slacker so the idea of taking a vacation without actually leaving is somewhat strange to me.

I need to chill though.

So I am playing with my life. I am reinventing fun. I have been so hung up on work that fun is something that I forgot how to have. Yikes! I mist have so of this fun. I will grab my girlfriend, drink too may martinis, talk too loudly, dress up like a rubber chicken, and generally be a Hollywood asshole for as long as it takes to get through this. It’s A Gabering! Whoo Hoo!

I am offering Mistress Choice sessions where you pay ‘what you can” (within reason please — I do reserve the right to say no way cheapskate) and we do WHAT I WANT!

I get message after message promising “anything to please my mistress.” Well, here is your chance to prove it. I will take way less than my usual hourly rate, and we will do WHAT I WANT TO DO! I’ll let you tell me what you like and if that happens to be what I am interested in at the moment – lucky you, if not – well, then I play human ring toss with your mouth!

I am an adventurous dominatrix. If you are an adventurous salve, submissive, slut, masochist, fetishist, cross dresser, or piss boy (in LA) call me / email me and tell me that you want to have “Mistress’ Choice.” Tell me what your budget looks like, and I’ll let you know when I have time to see you. Expect that “now is good” will be what I say when I talk to you. I’m not looking for plans, yo.

If you are pretty, like to scrub floors, shoot video, wear costumes, go to gay bars, or just generally think you are fun (burners encouraged) give me a ring. I’m in the mood for some kinky fun!

I won’t be offering this “fun” Widow Centauri for very long – the light could change next week and good by Mistress’ Choice Adventures. Probably it will take a bit longer. Retirement is possibly in my future – real retirement, gone from the business so I would get to it, if you like me and want to play my silly reindeer games that is.

I’ll Drink To That!

2 thoughts on “Living Life Like I’m On Shore Leave! ~~~ or how to get a session on the cheap!

Add yours

  1. I saw you on cl and followed your advice to read your blog….not being all that computer literate it took me two days to get here and I am not sure I could find my way back except for the bits of torn paper I left along the way.
    I will be out hustling aluminum cans for the next couple of weeks in hopes of raising enough money to afford one of your cut rate sessions for the needy.
    Your comment about using someones mouth for ring toss got a mouth full of coffee through my nose and all over my monitor. I think I am in ruv.
    Do you charge extra if you use face slapping to insure a perfect oval for the ring toss?

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