My Transsexual Girlfriend

Ode To Lorelei

Alright it is time to tell you about my fantastic girlfriend.

When I met her she was a man, a very sharp man. Standing at 6’4” she was the same height as Abe Lincoln. She was actively playing Abe Lincoln in Abe Lincoln Presents, a Second City Show. She was wearing fancy shoes, a nerdy haircut, and a bright orange tux shirt! I had recently been on a series of dates that were even worse than the ones I have been blogging about here. I had resigned myself to spending the rest of my life with my neighbors cat and a good book. When she approached me we were in the The Hollywood Improv. She was the showroom manager. She came up to me after my set and said ‘I would like to get together and talk about your set” I knew I needed to talk to a professional about my set, I thought I had some funny thing but I was pretty sure that I was missing the target, just a bit. I took his card and figured I would give him three days. On day two he called me, left a very funny message and we met for a cup of coffee.

We spoke for five minutes about my set and spent the next five hours talking about everything else. Like a fool I fell madly in love with someone who was not comfortable in their own skin. My new found love told me pretty quickly that he wanted to be a woman. I said “I can make that happen … take this pill.”

Three years later she is growing tits, living full time as a woman, finding that she is probably a straight girl. She is loving every minute of it.

Lorelei is the love of my life. She takes care of a lot of my needs but she is not my slave. She doesn’t have a masochistic bone in her body. She is very tender and I love her very much. She can not fill every need in my life. She is my best friend but she is not equipped to fuck me like a black man. LOL

She directs my shows, washed my dishes, edits my videos, and acts as my human spell check when I can’t seem to get even close enough to have “spell check” make a decent guess. She teaches a couple workshops with me. A gender bending workshop and an Improv workshop. Often they are combined into a weekend long Gender Performance Extravaganza! We teach couples how to behave as the other gender — give lessons in walking in high heels, how to put on make up, and kissing like Cary Grant! it is a delicious way to break down the confusion of how to “act like” the “other” gender, whatever that is. We play with it, have a fun time and everyone leaves with a newly gendered character.

We are made for each other. We both have needs outside of our main relationship, one of which is men. I have made the most stereotypical dyke move ever – I have fallen for a straight girl. Oh well, I wouldn’t change any of it. She is awesome. She cooks, cleans, and makes a fantastic drink! We both have a preference for big black men, wanna date her — you have to get through me (I’m pretty protective). Maybe if you are up to it you can play with both of us!

Lorelei Erisis - Widow Centauri’s Transsexual Girlfreind

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  1. I Love You! I Love You!! I Love You!!!I Love You!!!! I Love You! I Love You!!! I Love You!!I Love You!!!!! I Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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