The Correct Usage of T-Girl

I was reading the crap that litters the max fisch forums this morning and I discovered a post written by someone who has spent 20 years hanging out with transgendered people. He said ” I’ve seen posts in which terms such as transsexual, transvestite, transgender, tgirl, etc. are used interchangeably or incorrectly. As such, I’d like to …” then he labeled the “correct” ways to define a tranny, told us in his expert way about the health risks, and suggested that most cross-dressers are gay. HAHAAHAHA!

There are so many things I want to address but for the scope of a blog I’m gonna just rant for a thousand words.

First of all boxing people up into your idea of what trans is all about is insulting. You assume that everyone is the same when it comes to these definitions. Gender variance is a spectrum and not everyone falls neatly into these categories, or even labels. Trans is by definition a changing thing, a variant — so why do you feel the need to label and define? People are not so easily categorized.


Everyone assumes that there are health risks associated with hormone therapy. Why? There are no more health risks in taking estrogen than there are with being female. By altering your gender you are altering your health risks, not increasing them.

Sure, taking estrogen might make you more susceptible to breast cancer but your likelihood of having a heart attack goes way down. You might be more likely to develop osteoporosis but you are probably going to live longer. MTF trans women are probably never going to get prostate cancer. Where is this increase in health risk? There is not enough research to state an “increase” in health risks. And what is there to be said of the health risk of remaining in a body that doesn’t fit your self image? How come no one ever talks about mental health? How many transpeople have serious emotional trauma because they can’t come out?


If we all began to acknowledge that the dual binary gender categorizations we have been sold on are a blatant lie, we could get to the heart of this gender identity stuff. None of us are all man or all woman. It is only once you step back and notice that it is all a big game, a con, a performance that these societal categorizations demand from us that you can really start to notice that we are all trans. Some of us are happy with our gender, for the time. But who is to say that will remain. It is not that you are man or you are woman, the spectrum of life is far to diverse for these two limiting choices to be the “be all end all.” They are a culturally created classification designed to keep people in line.

Don’t believe me? Check out the Navajo culture — they have five gender choices. In Fiji there are three options, Thailand acknowledges their ladyboys and you don’t have to be a hooker to be one, yo! More and more cultures are coming to terms with the failure of a dual binary gender system. It simply isn’t adequate to express the range of gender in this world.

Still don’t buy it? Take a peek into American culture. Women are becoming men, men are becoming women. And the rise of the metrosexual — what is that? Surly it isn’t a man. I don’t think John Wayne would look at metrosexuals and call them men, do you?

So if gender is a game, a performance, and a socially constructed idea — that really messes with your idea of who you are. Doesn’t it? It should.

Chicks with dicks are hot, guys with cunts are great in bed, and none of us really “know” what gender is yet, so why do we cling to this system?

People really need order in the world. They need balance and they need to believe that some things are set, right, and not changeable. They point to gender and say “Adam and Eve” one man and one woman … blab la bla.

The fact of the matter is that nothing in this world has order – it is a world based in chaos. Gender boxes make people feel safe. None of us are safe from the transvariant ahhhh! If it sounds like a cheesy horror movie it is. Clinging to two genders is corny. Why would we deny the discovery of something new?

Multiple levels of gender isn’t actually new but to most people in this culture the idea has never occurred to them. Your average Joe simply never had reason to think about why there are only two genders, or why we defend it as the only way to be – a man or a woman.

Nope, your average run of the mill guy who has never met anyone who wasn’t a man or a woman has had no chance to question gender. The common assumption is that when people have babies we deem them boys or girls (mutilating their genitals if need be just so they will “fit in”) as though they might want to be one or the other. Jeez average Joe has never even had a chance to think about this thing. We keep it from him like a well guarded family secret.

What about you? You are reading this so clearly you are at least somewhat aware of deviance – be it sexual, cultural, or gender. Have you thought through what it means to be the gender you are presenting as right now? Next time you see a woman in pants – think about how inappropriate it would have been 100 years ago. The next time you see a woman at work think about what that has done to break down the gender separation. The next time you see someone androgynous think about talking to that person and asking them who they are, what they are about, and what they think about gender.

A lot of young urban hipster types in LA think they are wicked cool. They have tattoos, and nose rings, they have all the right clothes and al the right toys, a subscription to Paper, and the new Mac book pro, they voted for Obama or Hillary, but they seem to have left their brain in their ass. WTF? Why can’t we think? Is it something in the water? Is it a culture full of mental masturbators reinforcing just how cool they are by surrounding themselves with other cool people, just like themselves? Yep, I think it is.

Al Dente Hip

That’s what Gustavo called it. Thanks G

Everyone wants to think they are so hip, so open minded, so fucking liberal that they don’t discriminate, that they are not racists, that their mommas taught them to be intellectual about everything. So why isn’t their a line of urban hipsters around my block trying to talk to my transsexual girlfriend?

When she came out and started to make the transition everyone applauded her for her bravery and then asked the same fucking questions “Are you gonna cut it off?” “Have you cut it off?” “When are you gonna cut it off?”

Why does coming out as a girl make your dick a hot topic of discussion and HOW COME NO ONE IS ASKING ANYTHING ELSE?

Same reason all the al dente hipsters just stop calling you back – they don’t want to be “uncool” but the idea of transsexuals gives so many of them the screaming heebie jeebies. They would rather not be uncomfortable so they just stop begin your friend.

Seems the average Joe who never had a chance to think about gender is much more interested in having a discussion than the barsexual girl who lives two blocks over. She doesn’t want to admit that this stresses her out, but it does. And it should. Gender bending is a strange thing and if you are not freaked out by it then you are weird, over educated, or actually hip. You are certainly not normal, straight, or vanilla if you are not completely freaked out by gender deviance. For the sake of Pete it messes with every lie they sold us. The basic truth of human existence. THIS SHOULD PISS YOU OFF, MAKE YOU SCREAM, AND MAKE YOU JUMP OUT OF YOUR SKIN! Everything people fight and lie for is a con. If gender isn’t what s between your legs then what the fuck is it? I wish more people were willing to ask questions. Real questions not “are you gonna cut your dick off?”

Watch Bad Questions To Ask A Transsexual here:

and read about the pregnant man here:

Everything you thought you knew about gender is wrong. Good luck with that.

Widow Centauri having more fun than you!

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  1. Okay, I have to admit I didn’t read this posting, BUT I did look at the pictures. There is something seriously mind fucking scary about a dominatrix who is smiling and laughing all the time. One time, I had a session with a Domme, who at start was all business. Just as she hurt me with one of those whacks that puts you to your knees, she started laughing-hysterically. Throughout the session, she would interminently break out in hysterical laughter. I couldn’t figure it out; “What was so funny?” I thought. Then I realized that she was such a sadist that she enjoyed hurting me so much she couldn’t hold back the laughter. That’s why I think laughing Dommes are a real mind fuck.

  2. Fresh carrot juce or Pee, on ice? I digress… I just want to retiree in Thailand. But even there it is all about how cheep it is to change the plumbing.

    So back to ” Man and Woman”… What is the foundation of what dose this guy (me) find attractive in a partner. I have spent a life time chasing Woman. I never asked what is it that draws me near. I will now defer to my partner, Contessa, a 140 lb. Great Dane. She uses her nose. With that nose she refers to no less than 20,000 to 30,000 different verities of sent… Ironically, we as humans, refer to the same number of imager that we map our world with. Dogs? they map there world to, but that pile of shit is telling them what the last two meals were and If Contessa is really on her game, where that dog got that meal. “So Bitch, what is it in a boy dog that attracts you?” She doesn’t say much but its safe to say, it’s all about the smell. Back to me, the sight driven guy. Yea, the guy that learned about girls looking at Hussler and Playboy. Safe to say its really simple and now that we’ve had this conversation… Im really resolved to be content that if i get a woody as i gaze at the image that is in front of me. Then i will simply be happy and hope that i can provide the same amount of happiness with my sincerity.

    Conclusion #2;
    It’s ok to simply look at Humanity as either a Man or a Woman. Just don’t judge one if they get to be both in one life time. Or neither. look at me. I have neither today cuzz my blood pressure medicine is cranked so hi that i simply put all my fokes on what i lurned from a lesbian friend that said “if i don’t lurn to use my mouth and fingers, I can just get back in that bag of mine.”

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