My Girlfriend’s Dick

I have never had a girlfriend who didn’t have a dick. My first girlfriend was named Sylvia she was 18. I was 17 but lied and said I was 18. No one questioned me. She had several dicks which her 40 year old boyfriend had given her.

Now that I am a bit more grown up I have developed a more refined taste in women’s dicks. Unless you are just encountering me for the first time by reading this you probably know that I have a transsexual girlfriend. She has a real cock, not a silicone one.

When people meet her they immediately ask about her dick. They say things like “have you had THE SURGERY?” This is a segue into a conversation about cock. If the first time you met someone they asked about your genitalia you might think that person to be something of a lewd pig. Am I wrong? So why is it that everyone asks about her dick straight away? They feel entitled. Entitled to some bit of information about what is between her legs.

Gender is not what is between your legs. Your genitalia is what is between your legs. Gender is something a bit more like sexual preference – a spectrum. Gender is not fixed. It is not easy to define. Gender is a feeling, not a dangly bit.

Now I don’t want to come off as a silencer of questions. Quite the contrary. I understand that people what to know exactly what this whole transsexual thing is. We do too. Sadly, there is not enough information in the world about transsexualism for us to have a clearly defined understanding of it in our modern western ways. We are groping in the dark, hoping to find something to grab onto –a cock perhaps.

When people ask about THE SURGERY they are in fact enquiring into the seriousness of the situation they see before them.

Is this a trend?
Is this something you will outgrow?
Did Widow make you do this?

You know how dominatrices love to change boys into girls. Or is that just a myth?

So much of what we know about sexuality and gender is a mess right now. People are coming out in vast hordes and the majority of “straight” people are looking around wondering if they are the minority. I believe that the people who actually fall into what we think of as the straight and “normal” range are probably a minority. Haven’t you ever wanted to have sex with someone who resembled your own gender?

I can tell you how many emails I get from men who say something like “I want to be forced to suck dick … I am straight and don’t want to be near men at all … no men.” WTF? I want to suck dick but I’m straight? Hmmm. Interesting phenomenon. Hundreds a month – no joke.

So if straight guys want a chance to suck dick and all women are two drinks from being lesbian what doesn’t it really matter what is between your legs. Is that all that matters when you are inquiring about someone as a person? Are the genitalia your defining characteristic? Is that the only part that matters to you when you are looking for a sexual partner? Don’t you need to find the person stimulating in any other way? Is what you find between someone’s legs more important to you than what comes out of their mouth?

I come back to the place where I see that people do want the information. It’s not that they think they are being rude. When you meet someone differently gendered you want to know what is in their panties. It’s a little like we all become curious five year olds in the presence of a transsexual. At least little children have the decorum to ask “are you a boy or a girl?” not “do you have a cock or a cunt?”

If people were that blunt about it we would not have to engage in this one sided discussion about the importance of a little dignity. Have some for yourself. Have some for a girl with a cock. It’s not easy going through the world as a misfit. Don’t you know that? So, if you don’t mind, tell me here why it is so important for you to know what is between my girlfriend’s legs.

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  1. It is different. That is why. People are both intimidated by and curious of those things that are different from them.

    Some people wish to learn about it because they have similar feelings about being in the wrong body or are just curious about trying to escape from their own life for a little while.

    I think most people are curious about it because it is such an alien concept to them. To want to be a different gender. It is tough to wrap your mind around. To want to change your complete identity, to willingly take on such a multitude of burdens. It is almost mind boggling.

    “Who would do such a thing? What do they mean they feel like they are in the wrong body?”

    Think about it for a moment. It is difficult to contemplate, similar to how the concept of nothingness is difficult to contemplate.

    As for the men who message you as “straights” who want to “be forced to suck dick,” that is escapism, plain and simple. They want indemification. They want to be able to say “I didn’t do it. She made me do it. I didn’t like it.” Just in case they get caught or in case they think about it too much. When thinking about sexuality the black and white model doesn’t work. The Kinsey sex scale is much more effective as it divides it into sections of gray. It shows that people can be exclusively homo or heterosexual, but that many people are occassionaly the other orientation.


  2. You know, I’m glad you posted this. Like, duh, if somebody (esp. a man) asked me what was between my legs, I’d think they were a class A asshole and do everything in my power to get out of the conversation and never speak to or even acknowledge them again!

    With that said, I am guilty of having recently (about 4 mos. ago) asking a m2f transsexual that very same question. In my sort of defense, when she told me of her gender situation, I felt like she was engaging me in a conversation about it, where such a question shows a real interest in her journey. I promise it wasn’t the FIRST question I asked, but I did ask it! Besides, we had been making out in a hot spring 20 minutes earlier, with intimations of taking it further, so it seemed like a valid question. In the dark and in the water, she was all girl. I was completely surprised when she told me. I was quite excited about it, in fact, as I had never been in a sexual situation with a transsexual woman.

    However, in a purely social (nonsexual)situation, I will be more aware and considerate. Thank you for the insight. Sorry we silly people need a little smack upside the head!

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