WordPress Changed Their Dashboard — Not So Mac Friendly

I haven’t added much to my blog in the last few days. Maybe you are wondering why. It’s not because I haven’t been writing it’s because I’m having to deal with wordpress. They changed their dashboard and it is not so Mac friendly. I work with my photos and so naturally I use a Mac. I have a PC on the other side of the desk – I got it to study for the GRE but never got around to throwing it out the window like I fantasize about every time I have to use it.

Anyway, wordpress has made it somewhat difficult for me to post pictures in my blog. Everything was fine until they changed the layout of the dashboard. What a royal pain in the ass. I started messing with flickr so I could at least have some photos of me in the side bar but giving the rss info to wordpress was simply freezing things up. It looked like wordpress had failed to test the code before throwing this new dashboard my way.

That’s when I thought I would mosey over to the PC and give it a try. You know how these things are. I was able to successfully post this sexy photograph from the stinking PC. Hmmm. This presents something of a pain in the ass for me. I love my Mac. I don’t want to touch the other thing. All my photos are accessible on my Mac – I have to work them over in Photoshop and burn them, walk all the way around the desk, to post an entry with photos. Jeez what a lot of unnecessary trouble. It’s not that the journey to the other side of the desk is so tremendous but I take my drink with me and then when I come back – I forget it, so when I want a sip of the delicious beverage I’m drinking I go for it and it is several feet away – grrr.

Thanks wordpress.

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