Shoes and Sex

Aggg my chucks were stolen.  I walked to the Improv and then put my
high heels on.  I stashed my chucks behind the booth and didn’t think
anything of it.  When I was ready to leave my chucks were missing.
Gone.  Just gone.

Fuck it looks like I’m walking home in my high heels.  Dammit.

On the walk home I fell and messed up my sexy blue shoes pretty badly.
 I hope the shoemaker can fix them.  As I was walking I got around to
wondering what could have happened to my shoes.

My feet are very small.  Freakishly small.  No one has the same size
feet as me.  And who would sneak off with my nasty old chucks anyway?
A dirty shoe stealing fetishist.  Yep.

I was able to come to the conclusion that either the person is really
into me and wanted to take my shoes home to masturbate with, or this
person was really into dirty chucks and took them for their own
sexiness.  In my little mind I can fathom no other reason why someone
would have made off with my chucks.

I love chucks.  I dig the high tops but I don’t lace the top whole.  I
have been searching for a good source for colored chucks.  I want a
pair or pink ones and a pair of blue ones and a pair of green ones.
Pretty much any color chucks do it for me.  Their simplicity is what
gets me.  They are just simple pieces of canvas tied to my feet but
they are sleek, easy to walk or skip in, I can wear them with a dress,
a pair of jeans, or a fetish outfit.  I love my chucks – I hope the
perv who stole them enjoys them too.  Dirty fucker.

If you came to see me last night – thanks.  I had a great set.  When
the show was over my girlfriend and I fucked on the stage.

We shouldn’t have been there that late but once I realized that my
shoes had gone missing I decided that the only reasonable thing to do
was keep drinking.  People came and left.   We sat at the bar, went
upstairs, around back, and continued to kick it well past the point
anyone would have liked.  When we got up to leave I took my girlfriend
by the hand and walked her into the bathroom.

The large stall in the Improv is a great place to fuck.  There are
handrails all around the stall, it is big, back in the corner, there
is enough room to put your clothing in a heap, throw your legs in the
air and get your freak on.

We were in there doing our thing and we can hear them start to shut
down the Improv.  Clark, the manager, is audibly telling people to go
home.  There is no noise at all.  I take Lorelei by the hand and we
peek out of the bathroom door.  Seems Clark is the only one in the
building.  We head into the showroom.  All the lights are off.  I
climb on stage and hop up on the piano.  I pull my skirt up and shove
her face between my legs. After a few minutes I pull her she-cock out
of her panties and make her fuck me with it right there on the piano
on the Improv stage.

We can see through the little window that Clark is in the office.  We
are trying to be quiet but if you have ever had sex on a piano you
know that it not the easiest thing to do.  I bend over and have her
fuck me from behind.  I tell her to come in me – then I make her lick
the jizz out of my pussy.

She puts her she-cock back into her panties and I pull my skirt down.
Beat, Beat, Lights get thrown on and Dave the bartender comes walking
into the showroom.  “What are you guys still doing here?” he asks.
“Just looking for my chucks – you haven’t seen them have you?” I say.
He gives us a big shit eating grin and says no.

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