Porn Censorship

You could argue that porn should be censored that if we don’t stop porn producers now they will take this smut and destroy everything.  But you would have to ask yourself why you want to stop pornography.  Is it because you don’t agree with visual depiction of sexual activities?  Is it because you are a … Continue reading Porn Censorship

Sex Work and Social Justice

I will be teaching at the Desiree Alliance conference in Chicago next month.  My director and I will be discussing the realities of writing and performing one person shows to create social change.  The Desiree Alliance is a sex workers rights organization, if you didn’t know.  As Antioch alumni I have been so indoctrinated into the … Continue reading Sex Work and Social Justice

How To Turn Your Boyfriend into Your Girlfriend

  How To Turn Your Boyfriend into Your Girlfriend   This paper is going to outline how to take your average, run of the mill, XY chromosome, genetic male and turn him into a shemale -- a non-operational transsexual woman! Let me start by saying that this is by no means a joke or something … Continue reading How To Turn Your Boyfriend into Your Girlfriend

Sex — I Recommend You Have Some!

Welfare, teen mothers, food stamps, the rising price of gas, the war in the middle east, the wall we are building at the US / Mexico border.  I have opinions about them all.  But in March I wrote about sex and I had ten thousand individual visitors to my blog so sex is what you … Continue reading Sex — I Recommend You Have Some!

The Fight

What are friends?  I used to think I knew. Recently I went to NOLA to visit my friend Lolo and little Debbie, not to be confused with Debbie.  When I had had just about enough of the bullshit that makes LA so wonderful I got a little tipsy and bought one-way greyhound bus tickets to … Continue reading The Fight