Sex — I Recommend You Have Some!

Welfare, teen mothers, food stamps, the rising price of gas, the war in the middle east, the wall we are building at the US / Mexico border.  I have opinions about them all.  But in March I wrote about sex and I had ten thousand individual visitors to my blog so sex is what you will get. 


It is early in the morning.  I have a tendency to get up and write.  This morning I have something of a headache and dried cum in my hair and on my right cheek.  I thought I cleaned up well enough but I was wrong.  My hair is really crusty and as soon as I stop writing this I am going to go brush the cum into my long shinny locks.  It is great conditioner. 


“OMG what a slut – cum in her hair” I hear you thinking.  It’s my girlfriend’s cum.  Since she has been on hormones the amount of jizz has increased to what is now about two handfuls of silky whitish spunk. 


I did not know this would happen.  The doctors never mentioned it.  They suggested that her cock might stop working all together but they did not suggest that she would become multi-orgasmic or that she would have a bucket of jizz for the milking.  Now here I am with cum in my hair. 


On top of the crusty stuff on my head there is a strange man in bed with my girlfriend.  Possibly one of the reasons I actually got up to entertain you.  I’m not that great at sharing the blankets.  I don’t know what his name is.  I like it that way.  He is almost seven feet tall, statuesque, and so black that he shines.  Yum!


Lorelei and I went to a bar last night to meet a boy for a public golden shower.  While we waited this hottie started talking to my girlfriend.  The toilet boy and I went into the bathroom and when I came back with a big grin on my face and the boy went right through the front door soaking wet the hot black man at the bar started to laugh hysterically.  “You really meant it” he said to Lorelei.  “she pissed on him in the bathroom?”  


We giggled and drank and flirted until last call.  Then we headed to Canters for some late night matzo ball soup.  I could tell that he had his hand up Lorelei’s skirt.  I just smiled and drank my egg cream.  Once we were done eating I suggested that we go to the toilet to see if what he had inside his pants was worth all the trouble to bring home. 


When he pulled down his pants (at my request) my slutty girlfriend dropped to her knees.  “How in the hell am I supposed to get a good look at it if you are down there sucking on it?” I asked her.  She made some excuse about wanting it to look it’s best so we could bring him home.  Have you ever tried to tell your girlfriend that she couldn’t bring home a sexy stud?  Me either.  I hope this guy doesn’t get to thinking that he can stay for breakfast. I’m gonna wake the two of them, get my fuck on, and kick him out. I do so love a good morning romp!  

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