Sex Work and Social Justice

I will be teaching at the Desiree Alliance conference in Chicago next month.  My director and I will be discussing the realities of writing and performing one person shows to create social change.  The Desiree Alliance is a sex workers rights organization, if you didn’t know.  As Antioch alumni I have been so indoctrinated into the idea of social justice being the only reason to get out of bed and not jump off a bridge that I find this conference to be one that I am personally and professionally invested in. 

I have been involved in the sex industry in one capacity or another since I turned 18.  My first research papers in college were focused on sex education, For eight seconds I worked as a stripper, then I became a professional dominatrix.  The transition was a pretty smoothe one.  I found that I liked the gig because it was difficult.  I could manage my business independently and fund my education.  And then there was also the fact hat I could wear tight sexy clothing and designer shoes while mastering the art of slapping a boy in the face!  I do love being a dominatrix. 

Anyway, the conference is a gathering of the most politically active sex workers and their allies.  We have been invited to speak about how writing and performing one-person shows about sex work is a tool for social change.  My new show If Lucy Had A Whip is a personal story about my first few years as a dominatrix.  I was hired with almost no experience and had to fumble my way through the sessions, learning how to tie knots and crack whips as I went.  As you can imagine any number of things could have gone wrong.  Thankfully nothing ever did. 

 In 2000 a woman named Barbra Asher was tried and acquitted of manslaughter in the state of Massachusetts.  A simple goggle search will bring up all of the gory things this woman was accused of doing, all of them fabricated by the authorities.  There was never even a body found, so how could there have been a murder?  My point in mentioning Barbra is that we must start standing up for our rights.  If we can not be out about who we are, what we do and (dare I say) proud of it – big brother will be criminalizing all of us. 

 Between making things like golden showers a criminal offence in the state of Connecticut (buried in a prostitution statute that was amended several years back after a girl was filmed passed out having guys ejaculate onto her face), 2257 regulations prosecuting mom and pop content producers, and obscenity charges being re-worded so that the state of California can prosecute John Stagliano over a main stream porno being too over the top – I ask you, what has happened to our rights?  What is next?  How can you sit there in front of your computer and just download quietly? 

Stop just tugging on your tail. Perverts unite!  Don’t let the US government redact our rights any more.  Why are we all so content to sit around and allow the activities we have been enjoying legally to become criminalized?  Maybe because we are a nation of sheep saying things like “there is nothing I can do” between baaa baaaa baaas. 

Now that I got that little political rant off my chest I hope that you will support the Desiree Alliance and fight for sex workers rights.  I know you all like to indulge in the rights you have to visit dungeons, strip clubs, download porn, read my blog, and be your pervy self.  Don’t let big brother change the rules.  “It is only through definite knowledge of the potential emergent trends in social reality that active intervention to promote social change can have any success” (Giddens 93).  Adult entertainment is not a crime.  We all know what is happening to our civil rights.  Stop baaing like sheep and do something. 

Visit the Desiree Alliance website, give them money, and (if you can) come to the conference.




Giddens, Anthony. Capitalism and Modern Social Theory. Cambridge UP, 1971 



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  1. A great sentiment, but unfortuately it doesn’t havea snowballs chance in hell of becoming reality.

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