Sunday Bloody Sunday (or, thanks for cleaning up the kitchen honey)

I have always loved to get my period.  I find the release of blood to be cleansing, releasing all the stress of being a woman, attracting men with my pungent stink.  Blood is neat and the fact that I get to bleed all over my hands for a couple days each month is sexy.

Dripping red blood.

One afternoon I was having a pretty raging PMS melt down in the kitchen.  My poor girlfriend was just trying to calm me down when I pulled my dress off and threw it n the kitchen table.  Standing there naked except for a pair of black stockings and pointy-toed stilettos I reached between my legs and pulled my tampon out.  I held it right above my head hollering some madness about the pain of being a woman.  Then I squeezed my tampon all over my tits. The blood came down in a stream.  It splattered on my chest and ran into three different rivers.  One went right down my midline, pooled in my belly button, and continued down to meet my bush.  The other two cascaded off my breasts shooting onto the kitchen floor like a couple of waterfalls.  Waterfalls of blood.  It was a big mess.  I was hysterical.  Blood was dripping down my thighs and my girlfriend just stood there watching the whole thing, stunned.

Yep., I like to play with blood.  It doesn’t gross me out, freak me out, or make me squeamish.  I like the way it smells – a little like seaweed, full of iron.  I like the way it looks, the way it dries all crusty to the skin.  I like the way it tastes — earthy.

Like that afternoon in the kitchen demonstrates, I get a little overwhelmed when I have my period.  Hey, who doesn’t?  Everyone of us who bleeds from our genitalia for days on end can tell you that there is an emotional rollercoaster involved with the female cycle.  It makes us bitchy, sad, hungry, horny, and totally fucking insane.
I like to play with blood.

11 thoughts on “Sunday Bloody Sunday (or, thanks for cleaning up the kitchen honey)

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  1. Well, I guess there’s not much a person can add to all of that. I feel sorry for your girlfriend for all she has to put up with. It’s obvious you’re proud of being such a freak, and that’s all good, but it’s a shame when others have to deal.

  2. Is BDSM normal social behaviour? Well no, not exactly if you define normal as “being of the norm”. However, if you ask me Is BDSM natural…then yes it occurs in nature and is natural for some people.

    Is it healthy? As long as the people involved in it are healthy, aware, consenting adults, then absolutely.

    I read that article too, and was just as disappointed.

  3. Strange I just read this about the period. I’m a man, but just last week I was thinking to myself how lucky I am that I don’t have to bleed from my genitalia every month. I felt sorrow for women in general for a moment, and then it passed, as I realized it somehow balances out in the miserable human condition that is natural to men also, but in different ways. Women are so interesting.

  4. Your photos are fun & beautiful. And your writings stir the pot of my sex ridden psyche a bit, the simmering soup of my subconcious. Makes for an interesting read. Thanks for sharing about your personal self.

  5. It’s amazing what a little “Fantastic” and some elbow grease can get out.

    Just another day at “The Castle”.


  6. A woman with juices flowing is more dear than an oasis to ten thousand thirsty camels.


  7. I’m a male who would love to be in your position. I think having a period would be the best thing that could happen to me

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