It Went Horribly Wrong

So I’m in the middle of a session and things are great until …

2 thoughts on “It Went Horribly Wrong

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  1. Mistress,
    i have to tell You that i lost a bit of sleep over this video last night. For many of us it is a dream to be able to be in a position of servitude to You. i read your blog every few days and just adore your thoughts, inside, and intellect.

    i watched the video and was just amazed at how gorgeous You looked in that corset. i could have been on my knees staring at You until my legs went numb and not had a care in the world.

    To see that idiot be so disrespectful to You was maddening to me because he actually had the opportunity to serve You and he squandered it. ARGH! i’m still in shock that You even took the time to walk out after him. i understand You gave him a piece of Your mind, but he wasn’t worth the emotional capital exerted.

    Be well Mistress and thank You for sharing your insight with us.


  2. Good Times. Good Times…

    Be respectful y’all. Lest you should fall afoul of Widow’s Wicked Wit and my own dangerous sense of humor!


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