Murder is Uncool

Angie Zapata was a transgendered woman in Colorado.  She was 20 years old and had her whole life ahead of her.  Then some asshole killed her.  He bashed her head in with a fire extinguisher.  When she sat up he did it again.
What kind of person is so intolerant that they bash someone’s head in?  What ever happened to the idea of letting people be different?  Let people live.  How about not bashing someone’s head in when they don’t conform to your closed minded ideas of what people are allowed to be.  Call me crazy, but this hate crime shit has got to stop.
I’m in love with a transgendered woman.  I know that Angie Zapata had family who loved her, friends who cared about her, and people who worried about her.  Why was she brutally killed in her own home?
This behavior is completely unacceptable.
The man who was arrested for the murder of Angie Zapata has issues.  Lots of issues.  According to the article on the gay and lesbian times website, the two met online and after she gave him head and trusted him in her apartment he saw some pictures, questioned her gender and grabbed her crotch.
It was this crotch grab that convinced him that Angie was a man.  Is that all people think gender is – a crotch check?  How second grade.
So he grabbed her crotch and was freaked out by her transsexual status.  Right.  I can see how a closed minded crotch grabber might be a homophobe.  This is where the story gets gory though.  He was soooooooo freaked out by the result of the crotch grab that this dude smashed in her head with a fire extinguisher.
According to the glt site he told “investigators he thought he ‘killed it.’”

What in the hell is wrong with the world?

Why can’t we get past our fears and insecurities and let people live life in the body that they want to live in?  Who the hell does this guy think he is killing a young beautiful woman?  Why does anyone see a transgendered person as anything other than a person?
I think it’s time we demanded justice. “Middlestadt [the investigator, presumably] said gay, lesbian and transgender bias crimes happen on a daily basis nationwide, with 19 slayings reported to groups like hers last year. ‘It’s not an unusual incident,’ she said.”
That needs to change.  It needs to change right now.  How many people have to suffer the loss of a transperson because some angry bigot has his head so far up his ass that he can not see that killing people is wrong?  I feel so horrible for this woman’s family.

May you rest in peace Angie Zapata.

One thought on “Murder is Uncool

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  1. It’s a scary world for those of us who don’t conform to the “standards” of society.
    Why are crimes like this not bigger news?
    Why are there no outraged civil rights marchers converging on Colorado?!?
    Where is our Dr. King? Our Jesse Jackson?

    I Love You!

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