Bitching About Bitches

Yesterday I had three guys flake on me.  Count them three.  I wasted my whole fucking day.  I’m broke as shit (graduate school is expensive and leaves no time to work)  and the guy who scheduled a week ahead of time had to back out at the last minute.  The guy who replaced him called … Continue reading Bitching About Bitches

An Update

I really am so tired of sand in my waffles.  I have been splitting my time between this neo-moral fascist suburb and Hollywood for a couple months now.  I have some findings to report. First I hate it here.  This town stinks.  There is nothing but beige strip malls, surfers, and meth heads.  Now please … Continue reading An Update

Sex Workshops

I'm teaching my series of workshops at Dungeon Servitus in San Diego.  The first one is Dress Up For Sex and it's just in tie for Halloween!  The 25th of October.  Visit the dungeons website for more information about attending my awesome workshops.  And be sure you click the workshops button on the top of … Continue reading Sex Workshops