A Real ClusterFuck Of A Blog

I’m gonna post a few things in this blog.  First and foremost : I need a couple of big strong boys to help me lift some heavy stuff  (IN LA and SAN DIEGO) the day after Thanksgiving.  Should only take an hour or so.  Email me at widowcentauri@gmail.com  if you can help.  Please refrain from sending “I wish I could help, but” – I know you want to help but you are in prison, married, or both.  Please don’t fill up my inbox with wishes right now.  Post them as comments here.
Dana’s whip, the next segment of my one-woman show is up:

We can all thank Lorelei Erisis, my super fantastic tech tranny for getting it up!  I hope you dig it – it is strange.  Some people will most certainly hate this one.  hehehehee
And on more perverted news:
I finally got laid.  I broke down and called a boy who’s number is in my phone.  He came right over, fucked my brains out and left.  Just the way I like it.  Wasn’t late, didn’t overstay his welcome, didn’t even talk too much.  I’m happier now.
Other than that, I have pretty much dismantled my life.  I’m not sure that what I had was all that great but now what I have is in boxes in a town I really loathe.  I’m considering opening an art collective south of the border.  I doubt I have time for something like that but it seems to occupy my fantasies when I’m not undressing (with my eyes) all the super sexy black men on the fucking bus.
I’m not taking someone from the bus home with me.  I’ll have to see him on the bus again.  Shit most people who ride the bus hate it.  They tend to be really excited about the day they can get a car.  Ick – cars – cars are such a con.  Fastest way to go to jail – drive drunk.  Fastest way to say “I hate humanity and can’t wait for our species to be extinct”  — drive an SUV.  I’m so utterly unimpressed with fancy fucking cars.  They scream “GASSHOLE” and people look so proud, like when you come home and your new puppy has torn everything all to hell and shit on the rug.  Same look.
Anyway, now that my rant is over I must get back to work. I have a huge paper on sex to write.

2 thoughts on “A Real ClusterFuck Of A Blog

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  1. LOL!!!
    Love the line about SUV drivers. And your analogy of a puppy and our society is spot on perfect! That’s an image that will stay with me!


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