Yes, Hippies Are Annoying Me Today.

I was thinking in the shower this morning.  I was thinking that maybe it looks like I’m al over the place.  People say things to me like “school is your back up plan then” when they find out that I’m not studying theater.  I’m a graduate student who wants to teach sex at the college level.
My plan is to get a PhD and teach.  That does not mean I don’t love to perform, be funny, and look sexy in pictures.  These things can all go together.  Trust me.
I’m sure for some people it is enough to do just one thing but I get a tad bored when everything is the fucking same all the time.  I like excitement, sexy clothing, and books – lots of books.
When I was a little kid my idols were Lucille Ball, Dr. Ruth, and Madonna.  Smart, Sexy and Funny – that is what I have always wanted to be.  Yes, I want to be a famous smart, sexy and funny woman.  That is why I work on these things.  Not everyone wants what I want and that’s just swell.  I do get a little annoyed when people assume that I don’t know what I want because I am doing things that, to them, seem totally unrelated.
On that note, I met another fucking hippie today.  I think something happens to people when they spend too much time here, brain gets cooked by the sun or something.  I think I should start keeping count of how many people stop me in the world and give me some line of hippie shit like “maybe your Saturn is returning,” or “I can help you find yourself” as though I’m lost or have room for any fucking Saturn in my tiny fucking apartment.
SandyEggo is the hippiest fucking suburb in the state.  I’ve spent time in Humboldt and had less hippie shit thrown my way.  It makes me want to beat someone.

3 thoughts on “Yes, Hippies Are Annoying Me Today.

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  1. I think you’re getting hippies mixed up with neo-pagans (and it can be pretty hard to tell them apart sometimes). But the references to astrology and pop psych you gave us a taste of, sound a little too nonsensical to a self-respecting neo-pagan or hippie…

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