It’s time for another strike folks – it feels like the opening of a show –STRIKE, the musical!
The current strike I’m all wrapped up in is the CSU Teaching Assistant Strike.  The CSU school system which includes 23 California universities has been treating it’s teaching assistants unfairly.
Oy Vey! Tell me about it!
All universities that use the skills and talents of graduate students to teach their massive load of undergrads pay their TA’s.  They pay them in the form of tuition waivers, health insurance, and a stipend that is actually enough to live one.  Not the CSU system though.  CSU pays their TA’s as little as possible, does not waive their tuition and offers no health benefits that are much more than student health services, where you should go to deal with an injury if you happen to be an athlete.
The TA union (separate from the actual teachers union) has been trying to negotiate with the evil bureaucratic powers that be but as this is California, we have no money for schools.  So we practice sweat shop like tactics and (once tuition is paid) CSU ACTUALLY PAY THE TA’S $1.80 AN HOUR.
Holy Mole’ – a buck eighty an our to teach a bunch of snot nosed brats and deal with a gang of grumpy professors – I don’t think so.  STRIKE!
So as of today the TAs of the CSU system are on strike.  Anybody wanna get all dressed up as my slave, let me paint TA on your back and whip you for the local media?

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