Yippie, A New Year

Woo hoo!  Can you hear me people?  i said woo fucking hoo.  A new year, yippie!  The thing I am most excited about is the fact that when this year is over it will be 2010 and that is really very sci-fi, the future is now, ish.  Ya know?

When I was a little kid all the sci fi movies, books, and other entertaiment based forms of brain washing projected the far far away future to be twenty ten.  Well next year it is, and I can hardly wait.  Twenty mutherfucking ten here I come.  I’m gonna get all dressed up in silver shiny sci fi coustumes, have sex with robots, and hope to seduce Richard Branson.  Yea, he is a little wrinkely but as the only guy who can mix a martin in space I have my eye on his over tanned, bleached hair, sex appeal.

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