A Happy Ending?

So I’m at a resort / spa last weekend and I’m having a massage when the massage therapist tries to give me a happy ending.  Yep, a happy ending folks.  While I was on my back she pulled my right leg up like a frogs leg.  She put her fingers in the crock of my hip and started to jiggle me so that I was essentially humping the table.  It took a second to realize that she was trying to get me off but once I realized what was going on I decided to go with it and let myself get all worked up.  When she switched and lifted my left leg to into the humping frog position I decided I would see if I could cum.  I pulled the energy from the base of my spine up my spine into the crown of my head and then down the front of me to my clit.  I spun it faster and faster while she was jiggling the frog.  I kept spinning and getting closer and closer to coming and then she stopped, certain that I had reached a climax.  I had not.  I was really close but I hade not cum.  So there I am on the massage table and the therapist must figure I’m done – she sends me away.  Since the whole thing happened without any negotiation I didn’t have the balls to ask her to finish.  I mean how could I ask her to put me in a latex body bag and fist me?  I was in no position to ask her to finish what she started.  I can’t get off without something kinky happening.  GRRR
I left my massage frustrated and went back to my room.  I looked around in disbelief.  I came to the resort to relax.  I specifically left all my sex toys and paraphernalia at home.  I was not looking or sex on this trip, but now I had to get off.  I was all worked up and had to cum.  I frantically started looking for things to facilitate this.  As luck would have it I had a box of rubber gloves so I ripped them open and started sniffing them.  I rubbed the soft gloves all over my body, breathing deeply.  Rubber gloves and clothing smell like chocolate but condoms smell like sex.  Why do non-lubricated condoms smell different than other kinds of latex?  As I was rolling in the gloves I put a couple on my hands and a couple on my feet.  I ripped several of them so the band that goes around the wrist could go around my boobs,  I slid the gloves all the way on my boobs but my tits are to big and they wouldn’t stay put.  They kept sliding off.  I was so fucking horny.
After I rolled around in a whole box of rubber gloves I looked around for something to actually fuck.  I had ¾ of a cucumber for my eyes and a banana.  I ripped open a couple condoms and started to fuck myself with them. I needed nipple clamps, I had none.  I walked around the room in my rubber glove covered feet to discover clamps that are used for large bundles of paper.  I clamped them to my nipples and to my labia.  After 45 second I couldn’t take it any I took them off.  I repeated this on and off several times while I fucked myself with the fruit.  I watched the whole thing in the mirror.
I realized something:  I am kinky and I was going to be bruised from the frog fucker tomorrow. .

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  1. Congrats you are now officially a john or a hobbyist or whatever they call them these days. I hope you tipped well.

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