A Late Night, Drinking, Yard Sale! — Friday the 20th

It is Friday night and it is also the first night I have had to sit in my own apartment and have several glasses of wine in over two weeks. I have been doing a lot of thinking about who I want to become.  Graduate school, especially a Masters program that should lead to a PhD, is a time of deep reflection.  There is no denying that I am growing up.  I’m not sure I am happy about the way that this is manifesting as a purge in my closet.
Every time I have had a major overhaul in my life I have changed my hair and my wardrobe.  I’m still holding onto my long dark strawberryish blondeish hair but I have come to the conclusion that I need to dress to impress my audience.  Right now that means in suits.  Yes, in some respects dressing in suits is very hot.  When it comes to making room for a new wardrobe I am saddened.  Previously I had a 400 foot closet, now I have what the normals consider to be a big walk in closet.  My life sucks.  I happen to be a woman who loves her wardrobe, but I have to say good-by to a lot of my vintage dresses, brightly colored costumey things, and most of my high heels.  I am dying inside.
I am in love with performing and the idea of owning a profitable small theater makes me happy in a lot of ways.  But do I want to be a crazy old woman with too many shoes, wigs and rainbow bright outfits to justify opening a theater?  Or might I actually fancy a tenure track professorship?  All I can do is have a yard sale, or rather a vintage dress sale / party.
On Friday the 20th I am inviting women who like to wear vintage dresses and sexy stuff to come to my place near Hillcrest and have some wine and do a little shopping.  I’m getting rid of a LOT OF SEXY, VINTAGE CLOTHING, SHOES, FETISH WEAR, HATS AND COSTUMES.   This party is limited to people I actually know and serious buyers.  This is a nighttime drinking yard-sale in my living room.
If you are not someone who is interested in finding a treasure to accentuate your wardrobe but you have been personally invited by me or someone who is attending this party, come for the free wine.  If you have not been invited to this party and you are not someone who wears hip women’s clothing but you want to come to the party anyway, send me an email and let me know who you are and why I should invite you.  If you have skills as a party slave or bartender do not hesitate to contact me.  Be polite and brief.  Dirty / rude messages will not be considered.

I am looking forward to the funky clothing sale and wine party.  FRIDAY THE 20TH 2009  — 7:00 – midnight.   Please plan to take the bus or a cab home as driving drunk is a dick thing to do.

One thought on “A Late Night, Drinking, Yard Sale! — Friday the 20th

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  1. I wish I didn’t live a bazillion miles away…I’d be there at your party in a heartbeat! Not only for the great fashion, but to see the fashionista herself!

    By the way, I totally understand the whole growing up thing that comes with grad school. In many ways it’s amazing and gratifying…but it’s also pretty painful. As far as clothes go, I still push the envelope here and there….I refuse to stop wearing my stillettos, intense eye makeup, nose ring, and leather studded anythings…. I wear them to school, but I break out the suits at big professional events.

    Also, as a woman in academia, there is this stigma against women who look too feminine or sexy…as if it compromises how intelligent and committed we are. It’s difficult navigating those waters…we have to try not to put ourselves at a disadvantage, while still retaining our self-expression.

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