$exy, $lutty $ummer

OMG – school is almost out for the year!  Just final projects to turn in.  Breathe deeply dear reader — my dirty blog will be back soon!

May 23rd  through August 24th am available for sessions, photo shoots, live performances, public golden showers, etc.  I am not going to be picky.  I will take almost any legitimate work with reputable people.
Graduate school is an exercise in masochistic behavior. The last year of my life has consisted of a celibate, hungry, over worked, perpetual all nighter.  My entire disposition has changed.  I dress in suits and wear glasses now.  I do not utter the same things in casual conversation.  I may need to be gagged, bound, and spanked!
My Marxist ravings got me thrown out of the home of my fanciest Hollywood friend – a finance guy at a big studio.  Will I ever learn?

I am having the damest time trying to fit into this world.  I have never once tried to fit in before. I have never wanted to.  I want this academic life.  I love the excessive reading, the illuminating conversation, the passion in my work.  I’m not so fond of the life of poverty though.  I need to work.  I need to play.

For the last few weeks I was thinking about taking classes this summer.  I thought I could get one out of the way and then zip right through the fall semester already ahead of the game.  Ha ha ha.  It has become very obvious that I truly need a break.  Often I find myself drifting off into some fantasy of dirty sex, cameras, rubber clothing and trips to exotic places for kinky adventure.  This graduate student life is now way to live.  Did I think I could wear my favorite DeMask to the university?
Just the same, I am jonesing for a good time.  Think you can provide it? Wanna schedule a session or a photo shoot with me?  Do it this summer.  I will likely be working summers as I push through graduate school but I can’t make that promise accept on a summer by summer basis.  If you want to see me, shoot me, play with me, interview me, book my one-person show, or take me shopping in London this is the summer to make it happen.
I just lost  25 pounds.  I have been doing a tremendous amount of Bikram yoga and I look fantastic.  I’m in the mood to shoot so lets shoot.  I’m game to do most fetish scenes, strange comedy, and radical political art.  If you are not sure I will be interested in your project please just ask.

Socal, New England and San Francisco

I am spending most of my summer in southern California.  In San Diego I am able to schedule sessions at Dungeon Servitus.  I do not currently have a private dungeon in LA though there are many available to chose from.  I do love to do public golden showers in LA.
I may be making one trip across the country in early June.   I will schedule road side piss stops very sparingly on this trip.  I will be traveling to New England in early – mid June.  I will be primarily in western mass / upstate NY and cape cod.
I will be in San Francisco August 5th – 17th.  I have availability towards the beginning and end of my trip.

I am available to travel to you. Please ask for details.

That said I’m gonna try to enjoy myself this summer.  I really need a break.  Come enjoy it with me.

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