DomCon 2009

I got to Domcon on Friday afternoon.  I ended up at the party having a great time.  I was in a silly mood. I dressed at Little Miss Muffet, I found a face tuffet, had a seat, and chatted with Irene Boss for a good while the tuffet boy struggled to breathe.  ☺
The conversation with Irene was the highlight of my time at the con.  She gave me the greatest pep talk telling me how proud, impressed, and envious everyone is of me.  I sat there on that boys face feeling great about the life choices I have made.  Graduate school is hard.  My final papers total in at something near a hundred pages.  I’m constantly reading. I gave up sleeping.  The amount of typing I do keeps me from eating much.  I’m enjoying the intensity of graduate school but sometimes it gets a little overwhelming.  Kudos to Irene for giving me the nicest pep talk I have had in ages.

with irene

After the little chat we danced.  Yep, the two of us danced at a dungeon party!  So did a few other people.  It was really fun but it’s hard to dance to standard dungeon music.  It does not have much of a beat.  I got a tad bored and found I really had to pee.  I grabbed the boy I had been sitting on and the boy who was hauling my things and headed to the toilet room.
I hauled them in the grungy dungeon bathroom and ordered them to strip.  I shoved them both in the tiny shower stall and took my shoes off.  I climbed up onto their shoulders, pulled my panties aside and pissed all over them.  I splashed it in their mouths, in their eyes, and made sure that my piss got their hair wet.  So much more amusing than using a toilet.  I think it may go down as the most acrobatic golden shower I have ever given.  It was pretty comical to see me balanced up their on their shoulders pissing away.  Good times!
After the piss I went back to the hotel, slept for an hour and went to yoga.  Saturday proved to be more of a clusterfuck than I could cope with.  The dominatrix who inspired my trip to Domcon turned into a raging loony.  There is not a nice way to describe the drama so I will just cut to the part where I’m being thrown out on my ass.  Ugly ugly drama.  I don’t have time for that.  I have a hundred pages due this week.
Anyway, after I was tossed out into the hallway on the 12th floor I thought I would just go home but as the last train had already left for the night I ended up looking for a quite place to do some writing while I avoided the party at Passive Arts.   I could barely keep my eyes open.  I was sitting in the lower lobby near the registration area trying to write a paper on democratic technology and I realized that I was not gonna make it till 5:30 when I could legitimately head to Union Station.  I spied the conference tables with their long skirts.  I wandered over and took a look under them.  The first one had tile under it, the second one had carpet and nothing else.  I shoved my shit under it and climbed under the table, pretty sure that no one had seen me.  I laid there on the floor under the registration table at Domcon wondering how I managed to get there.  I’m a hot dom with a suitcase full of rubber, costumes, and stocking.  Why was I crouched under a conference table hoping to catch some zzzz?
Was the drama too much to take? Did I really need sleep so badly that I was wiling to do it under a conference table? Yep, I did.  Honestly the under side of a skirted table isn’t that bad.  It reminded me of being a kid.  I always loved hanging out in places like that when I was nine.
I laid there for a while when I realized that I had a pretty serious migraine coming on.  It seemed like it was at the beginning stages and I might be able to stop it or at least prevent it from developing into the sort that has me hunched over the toilet vomiting my guts up all night.  I needed food and Tylenol.  I grabbed my wallet and peeked my under the curtain.  I didn’t see anyone so I crawled out, stood up, went to the all night bistro and got a sandwich.  Sitting in the bistro eating a lousy over priced vegetable sandwich with a big bottle of water and crunchy Tylenol treats I was glad to be alone.  I could have felt sorry for myself but I was just glad to be away from the drama, the doms, the whole catty scene.  I drank some peppermint tea and headed back to my lower level apartment under the registration table.
I was able to get a little bit of sleep.  At some point I realized that the people standing over the table were talking about the girl sleeping under the table.  They seemed to think it might be the only quiet place.  They disappeared pretty quickly and I suffered through the night.  Finally it was 5:30 and I proceeded to pack up the random things under the table.  A quick trip to the bathroom to brush my teeth in a public sink and off I went to catch a train.
On the train I saw an old friend of mine.  We found a secret little train compartment and she pinched and sucked my nipples till I came.  Then I was back in the fascist strip mall.
Domcon 2009 was not quite what I expected.  I left the experience feeling totally psyched to be in school.  Now two of my three papers are done and I had a chance (at 4:30 in the morning) to update you with some details of my wacky life.  Enjoy the pics and be sure to come see my workshops and performances this summer.

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