Bikram Buddy?

The sweat drips down my skin

It gets in my yes

Sometimes I stick out my tongue and lick the sweat off my breasts, upside-down.

The deep stretch

The sensation of tightening muscles in my groin

I have come in several of the Bikram poses — camel, half locust, and eagle.

I hope to be able to put my forehead on my toes (without bending my knees) this year

Bikram stimulates my libido like nothing else

I could not be the only person who feels the tingling sensation of hot yoga in my sexy muscles.
The craving
The stretch
The heat
My mind transcends the hot room and I go to a place where I am only my body.  Standing on one foot kicking my other foot to the sky.  Sweat dripping down my thighs, off my toes, between my costume and my bush.  Sweaty hot dripping yoga.

I wear as little clothing as I can to yoga
Sometimes I wear transparent clothing
I’m sure the people behind me can see my labia when I’m in a bathing suit.  I feel my lips popping out.

I love the exhibitionistic feeling of mostly naked hot dripping sweaty yoga.

When I’m in the steam room I get my tits out and play with them.

When I’m in the  six person shower, I piss.  If I’m alone I shoot my piss across the shower.  When there are other women I pee down my leg hoping that no one will see.  Hoping that someone will notice and be turned on.

In the Bikram studio almost everyone has a perfect body.  Lean, muscular, perfect.

I have been practicing Bikram for over five years.  I practice every day.  I am looking for a play partner who can commit to a daily yoga and sex practice.  Sex in the studio when we can get away with it. Sex at the beach after yoga with coffee – licking the sweat off each other.  Yum!

Bondage on the beach after hot sweaty yoga.

I am a sizeist.  You need to be fit.  If you are not fit you will be after 90 days of yoga practice.  Maybe if you are a fat slob I will let you practice with me and I will tease you.  Stand in front of you with my transparent clothing, masturbate in the steam room and not let you touch me.  I love to tease!

I need a sexy yoga buddy now.  I practice at 6:30 AM everyday. Think you can handle it?

Yoga Triangle Downtown

3 thoughts on “Bikram Buddy?

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  1. That post was as steamy as a properly heated Bikram studio. Have you found a good studio in San Diego? I have a recommendation for you if not.

    Erotic hypnosis is on your resume? My wife and I are both certified hypnotherapists. It would be fun to chat sometime.

    We keep thinking about checking out Dungeon Servitus, but it seems just a little bit more intense than the kind of thing we are into. But who knows, we may just get tempted to stop in one day. Be well. And do please post some pictures of sweaty forehead pressed to sweaty toes when you reach your goal.

  2. Very cool post. My ex was a yoga instructor. She was mainly into flow type. I have never done the bikram but know a little about it (26 poses done twice in a 104 degree room). I can imagine it is difficult.

    I am submissive sexually that sweats a ton working out and during sex. I live in Santa Monica (where are you in So. Cal?) with a somewhat flexible (no pun intended) schedule that loves to be teased and please. Well sized too.

    Please feel free to contact me and let me know what you think. Love your site and your writing.


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