Public Ruby Shower?

I am on my way out the door and I start bleeding all over myself.  Sexy  thick dark blood.  It shoots down my legs and gets all over my shoes.  I have no choice I have to strip, shower and start over with my morning.  Then I realize that I have a huge chunk of time in the middle of the day, a heavy flow, and a real need to piss on someone.   Oh, happiness is looking down at a bloody pissy boy in a public toilet.  Wanna make my day?

Save me from the fascist, white bread, gentrified, bourgeois, never ending sunshine that this town offers my bitter soul.

Public Ruby Shower? — 11:30 – 8:00.  Downtown.

Don’t be a Rubber Chicken,  Call me!

Widow Centauri

3 thoughts on “Public Ruby Shower?

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  1. I would love to get a ruby shower followed by a hot piss rinse. After your done I will lick your pussy and asshole clean too.

    100% for real.

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