The Bush is Back!

A few years ago I was on an episode of the pen and teller show.  It was an episode that dealt with body hair.  I have not seen it.
While we were filming I was asked a question that triggered my interest in social systems.  I was asked why I thought people are so obsessed with the removal of body hair.  I thought about it for a second and went on some tirade about the socialization process.  I talked for a really long time about the removal of the woman.  I talked about ideals of beauty that conform to heteronormative society.  I expatiated about my politics surrounding the sexualized woman and her lack of pubic hair.
I don’t think I have shaved since.
I get a lot of mixed messages about my bush.  Some people fetishize it, other cringe when I mention it.  This week I put in for some fury bush websites but I don’t think they will call me.  My bush and body look like they came right out of the 1970’s.  I’m pretty sure they want average porn chicks with a tuft.
I have a shoot scheduled in the desert next week.  It is nude and the photographer has specifically asked me to retain my bush.  Seems they are hard to find on nude models.
Lots of people want to shave me.  I was telling this to a couple of my nerd friends and they asked me to show them.  I dropped my pants right there in the kitchen of a cute, straight, vanilla girl.  My nerd friends stood around looking at it.  I ran my fingers through my thick dark bush, sipping zinfandel.
They stared and giggled.  They didn’t seem to think it was so bushy but they didn’t show me theirs.  I asked.
Often I hear that pubic hair is not sexy and then I hear from fetishists who say they love it.  I think it makes me look like a woman, not a little girl.  My sexuality is that of a woman.  I have little interest in perpetuating a commodified, patriarchal, unrealistic standard of beauty.  Why should I shave?
Some people swear by it, saying that it feels better and that it is cleaner.  It might be less hairy but unless you have a problem reaching your genitalia with a little soap, it is hardly cleaner.  As for the sensation it brings, I’m skeptical.  Sure if you have latex panties on it might feel better to have smooth skin, unless you like the pinching sensation of pulling pubic hair.  The typical woman who (is not wearing latex?) experiences sensations through hairlessness.  What are they?  The one I see most often is razor burn and ingrown hairs.  Itchy red bumps on a pubic area do not make me jump right in.  I see a woman with raging razor burn and I back away.  Women in the locker room bitch about it all the time.
Why should I shave?
The only real reason women shave is to amuse men.  In the last 15 years the image of nude women without pubic hair has become mainstream.  Prior to this, hairless women were thought to be pedophiliac, fetishistic, or homoerotic.  Now this image of beauty is expected from civilized western women.  I’m not sold.  I like my bush.
My bush allows me to give zero attention to the ritual of shaving.  I’m hirsute.  It’s called a bush for a reason.  I should consider renaming mine shrub.  It’s pretty big for a bush.
When I piss on boys, sometimes I let them suck the piss out of my hair.  They want to lick but I tell them only to suck my bush dry.  I love it when they get pubic hair stuck in their throat.  It’s like a cat with a hairball.  SO FUNNY.  A nice way to end the dirty eroticism.  I love to laugh.

2 thoughts on “The Bush is Back!

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  1. Sweet post, Widow. I respect other people’s decisions to keep their body hair and can totally dig it “in the bedroom.” I’m a pre-ho/op transguy and despite all the assumptions that can be projected on to my body because of it, especially with me still being read as female, I like to trim and wax my pubes on occasion because, seriously, if I don’t at least trim, the hair gets uncomfortably long for me and is constantly pocking and chaffing–and not in a good way. I once buzzed my pubes (no shaping) to 1/4-inch and really liked the effect of being able to see the hair pattern, not to mention being able to look straight down and see my junk with no additional effort for the first time in years. I also dance and being hairless or trimmed is much more comfortable for me when I’m spending countless hours in tights and leotards. Also, I find it a little odd to have my pubic hair be significantly longer than the hair on my head, but maybe that’s just me. Those are my reason’s for trimming and waxing, but I think people should rock their bushes however they see fit. Be well, Widow!

  2. I would seriously love it if I was to have sex with a woman and at the moment she pulled her panties down she had this big bush. Believe me, having a bush makes you way sexier, it makes you look like a woman, not a little girl. Whats the purpose of shaving? Trend or no trend, BUSH everywhere!! Women with Bushes are hot.

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