Fascism in the Name of Safety

Yesterday I ran for the bus.  I was lugging the five gallons of water, three bananas, two grapefruits and four bottles of kombucha that will complement my carrot juice diet for the week.  As I approached the number ten bus at the corner of Park and University I was screaming at the top of my lungs “hold the bus” as it often pulls away just as I make it to the stop.  This time it waited.  I jumped on and plopped into the fold up cripple seat near the front.  I was exhausted.  I tipped my head back and right up there above the opposite window was an ad.
“Cocktails?” it read.  God yes I thought, finally a bus line that understands.  Do I order from the driver? I wondered.  Then I looked at the rest of the advert certain that my desire or an adult beverage was not something that the MTS had decided to cater towards to attract ridership.  But it would.
The ad went on in first person narrative.  Seems the mythological advertisement boy had consumed eight beers and slept with a stranger.  At the bottom of the ad it plainly read
Excessive drinking = unsafe sex
I sat there reading and rereading the fucking thing, too tired to dig out my book.  I realized rather rapidly that this is only one of the first of many advertisements that will likely lead to a massive no drinking campaign.
Is alcohol the new cigarette?  Have we moved into a realm where we wish to confuse alcohol consumption with lack of sex education?  I believe we have.
You see, it is not that drinking a lot means that you won’t use a condom.  It is rather that when condoms are not available in restroom, at bars, etc.  When sex education has been turned into a fear based propaganda machine designed to clear up all vice from the streets of the states, this is what creates panic.  Lack of knowledge and lack of available contraceptives is what perpetuates unsafe sex, not booze.
Drinking does not equate unsafe sex, lack of education and available contraceptives is what leads to unsafe sex.  Drinking just leads to drunkenness.
Why are people so easily fooled?
I kept looking at this ad.  There were a variety of things that bothered me.  The way they used the number 8 instead of writing out eight.  The way they suggested that the boy writing it, (or was it a girl) didn’t know the sex partner, and the way the used the word STATUS to suggest HIV  status.  Just status.  It read “I don’t know his status” what the hell is that?  His status?  That is what I update on facebook, it is not an effective term to denote being HIV positive.
One last thing that irked me about this ad and then I’ll get onto my political take on things.
The ad was done up so that if you just glanced at it all you would see were bold red letters that suggested that drinking and having unprotected sex were inevitably causal.
I’m so tired of this horse shit.  When are we going to determine that it is important to teach people to think?  We need to start funding massive educational campaigns.  Restructure public schools, get inventive with fostering critical thought amongst our citizens.  This advert really pointed out the coming fascism in out society.
When I say that I think it’s fascist here, let me clarify.  Its not that I see a totalitarian government repressing people in away that could be construed as fascism.  What I see are the makings of this situation.  It is always something with this society.  In the name of safety we have given up many of our constitutionally protected civil liberties, we have accepted that the government can spy on us, we have outlawed many vices — even for adults, we are actively driving pornographers out of the country, we have cut and cut and cut public education and average people seem to believe in their own experience more than research.
Ads like the one I just described pop up all over the place, most people are too busy driving in their cars and tweeting to notice that we are being watched and that our society is being modified in a way that might be undesirable.
Take for example cigarettes.  Or the poor, or homelessness, or any number of social pariahs that “the good clean middle class” have decided to banish in the name of moving up the food chain.  Fuck that.  What ever happened to having a cigarette with your drink.  I for one could really use a trip to a bar that still allows smoking.  I’m not even a smoker.  But I believe in the rights of people to consume shit that is bad for them.  Smoking and drinking go together.  Sure you want to ban smoking in schools, I can understand that.  There was a smoking section at my high school, some still have them.  It keeps the smoking kids from leaving.  It makes sense, but alright smoking is illegal for minors so ban it.  I can see the logic.
But smoking in bars?  There are only adults in bars.  Yes some of them opt to not smoke but they can go outside for fresh air, why should the smokers have to leave?  It makes no sense at all.
When the campaign to outlaw smoking in public began I wondered how far it would get.  Smoking on the street here can get you a $75 ticket.  On the public sidewalk.  Ahhhhhh.
Is drinking the new vice to tackle.  Is prohibition going to make a come back?  It could.  All these Dudley do-rights running around worried about the children.  I was allowed to drink when I was a teen, I was allowed to smoke, I was allowed to do drugs and my parents made sure I knew which drugs had more dangerous consequences.  I was taught to think about it for myself.  Now it seems the overriding social expectations are on safety.  But not on safety where it counts, safety in a light that keeps us all from doing anything fun.
The appearance of anti-drinking ads scares me.  I can see where this is leading.  I can see how our freedoms and our vices are being taken away, one by one in the name of something unrealistic – safety.  None of us are ever safe.  Not really.  Sure you might think you are safe in your little beige world.  And you are, until you are not.  I’m so sick to tears of people aiming at a world where everything is safe.  Shit, living dangerously is fun.  Besides we are all gonna die sooner or later anyway, no matter how safe we are.  Moving towards a ban on alcohol is not going to enhance our quality of life in the USA, it is only going to give us more regulations.  I want no part of this.
If you can’t tell I’m pretty livid.  I’m angry at people who continue to chase the American dream, I’m angry at the people who find complacency in their monotonous lives, I’m angry at the system for essentially banning education.  I’m pissed fucking off.  You should be too.

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