End of Summer Avails ~~ San Francisco through August 25

A turn of events has me in the city through the 25th of August.  If you have something scheduled with me elsewhere and have not heard from me — I have to cancel.  If you are in San Francisco and want to play, I am here now.

I am available in the following areas for modeling, gender consultations, private BDSM sessions, ten minute stand up performances, emcee work and other creative projects.  Sadly, I cannot commit to any more long-term projects at this time.  I am very busy.

LA: Late Night July 22
San Diego Through July
San Francisco – August 4th – 16th
New England — August 17 – 25
NYC  — Mid-October and possibly one evening in late August.

~~ I Am Available to Model at Comic-Con ~~
I am an awesome super hero model.  I have an incredible hourglass figure.  36C, 25, 40.  My waist can corset down to 20 inches making me wildly curvy.  I have long red hair, white skin and I am a Second City trained improviser, making me quite talented at performing in character.
I am available for work at comic con.  I am looking for a gig that will let me shine, not just a table babe.  I’ll take what I can get though so don’t hesitate to contact me with whatever you have.
I’m updating my mm profile this afternoon with some more super hero ish images I have taken this year.
I hope to work with you at comic con!

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