No Pizza, No Beer, No Politics

I went out to pick up a pizza last night and ended up getting kicked out of the pizza place.  When I called for delivery they explained to me that it would take almost two ours but I could pick it up in 20 minutes.  I was fucking hungry so I said, “I’ll come get it.”

When I got there 35 minutes later it still was not ready.  I said hello to the beautiful black man who was waiting on his pizza too.  To my surprise he was ex-military and quite capable of keeping up a decent conversation about politics.  We sat there drinking beer and discussing the dangers of privatized military, the reality of torture, and the constructs of war.  Our take out came but considering the stimulating conversation we opted to have another beer and eat them there at the bar.

The conversation was lively.  We covered a wide spectrum of political issues that irk me.  At some point I mentioned that I am not very impressed with the gay district here.  All I see here are straight people.  No queer culture, just the part of town you should reside in if you are queer.  Hillcrest is queer tolerant, possibly queer friendly but certainly not the gay Mecca it is dubbed to be.

Once our pizzas had been finished and our second beers were mostly (not completely) gone the tattooed hipster chick who had been serving and pouring snatched them up, dumped them and told us we were not welcome to another one.  “You have offended everyone in this place tonight,” she claimed.

“What did we do?” we inquired.  “Everyone left because of your conversation” she assured us, “even the owner.”  The man I was sitting with was real smooth about it and said something to the nature of “If I were the owner of an establishment and two patrons were offending me and the rest of the people in here I would say something, not leave.”  Strong argument, I thought.

The suicide girl got really upset and told us about our conversation and our swearing and …

The long and short of it was that having a conversation about politics in a bar in Hillcrest was not acceptable.  Apparently the view-points we were discussing were not in tune with the values they hold to be true in this “family friendly” pizza joint and bar on 5th ave.  Saying anything about politics in this town will get you thrown out of a pizza place.  Holy shit!

We went to a bar around the corner and the bar tender refused to give me a beer because I had a passport, not a dl.  Why do you need to have a dl to get a beer?  It seems counter intuitive.  I did not think they encouraged driving to the bar, I had my passport, the most valid form of identification once can have.  Not good enough to get a drink, even when we are the only people sitting there.

This bartender told us that vice has been shaking them down and at one point SDPD actually told them “If you hire X security company, we won’t bother you anymore.” So they actually hired them but the company did such a bad job at carding at the door that they caned X security and now they can’t serve to people who do not drive.  Pretty crazy.  When you stop to think about the implications of the law forcing payment out of a bar in exchange for lessened harassment do you also see the mob?  Do you see the overriding implication of government abusing power?  Do you see where this could lead?

People get very upset when I mention that I do not like San Diego.  People who grew up here seem to take it as a personal attack on them.  It is not.  I loathe sunshine and suburbia.  San Diego is nothing but a sunshine encrusted suburb.  Naturally, I detest it.  Aside from the weather and the city planning there are a number of things here that this region simply lacks.  The thing that most irks me is that the residents of San Diego are so rarely interested in looking at the greater social schema that privileges the wealthy and criminalizes the poor.  This region is extremely racists, classist, and undereducated.  People really believe that they are San Diego and that my distain for this region is a distain for them.  Maybe they are right.

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  1. Okay, I’ll field this one since, as a native of San Diego and planner, I’m qualified.

    Other than your comments about San Diego being ‘extremely racist and undereducated’, your comments are pretty much right on the money. I have no idea how you came up with those two tokens of wisdom, but whatever.

    We natives do, rightfully or wrongfully, tend to take dislike of our city personally but there’s a reason for this, because this is our city and we don’t like it any more than you do. Actually, to be more accurate, we don’t like what it’s become.

    It’s like this, when I was a kid, San Diego county was something like one million people, and the city itself was like half of that. We were small, drenched with sun had the largest nude beach in the world and the majority of the population made a living by fishing, growing Avocados, making electronics or building toys for the military to play with. Mission Valley was mostly a dairy farm, the most northern suburb was Clairemont, dirty hippies were the primary inhabitants of Ocean Beach, lastly Pacific Beach and Mission Beach were readily available for your parking pleasure.

    The food here was incredible, La Playa was 90% Portuguese and there you could get the most incredible meats, the Italian community rolled out bread that was ambrosia, and oddly enough we had the second highest population of Poles in the U.S. here so we even had Perogi’s with our Burritos. The Asian influences just started turning us on to Pho, Spring Rolls, Lupia and cellophane noodles. Rents were cheap, you could buy a 1200 sq. ft. house for next to nothing and, due to the climate, your car would last forever because there was no salt on roads to corrode it.

    Now, some 35 years later 3 million+ descended on our county and fucked everything up.

    A full 70% of the population is now from somewhere else, and of that 70%, over 2/3’s don’t consider S.D. their home, so they tend to have no civic pride or a sense of belonging, want nothing from the city other than huge freeways, low taxes a school to send the spawn they shat out a few years ago and a Wall Mart on every corner ’cause ya know it’s just like home’. As such this is a very transient city, there aren’t so much homes here as there are barracks bivouacked on hillsides.

    So yea, we take it personally. We HAD a great city, we now have the launching pad of the great ‘Olive Gardening of America’ and have become Anytown USA to accommodate a bunch of ungrateful trailer trash from Shitkicking Texas and Sisterfucking Alabama.

    The salt in this wound for us is when foreigners (i.e. Americans not from here) complain about how our city sucks so bad when, after all, the city sucks because they fucking moved here.

    So now, O.B., P.B. and M.B. is nothing but drunk frat boys and sorority girls living off mommy and daddy’s dime, rent is now $1000 per month for a studio, don’t even think of buying here, the most northern suburb is L.A., there’s nothing but one vast codo complex in Mission Valley and if you can find parking within 10 miles of the beach it’s because it’s raining.

    So yea, we hate it too, now do us a favor, tread lightly on this subject and clean up after yourself before you leave so the graduate student who takes your place can get to blogging their negative observations tut suite.

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