I Got Laid!

There is nothing sexy about sandy eggo.  Not a god dam thing.  Last year when school started I sent my girlfriend back east and I put my nose in a book.  bout a hundred of em’ actually.  A year later I looked up to realize that this town managed to turn me into a cold frigid bitch.  This is antithetical to my natural sex goddess existence.  Last week when I got real sick with what I was certain was a life threatening illness I went to an acupuncturist.  She put all these needles in me and it felt really good until I left and I started hacking, I was cold and hot and dizzy and I thought I was dying.  I had a panic attack, a blood sugar freak out.  I thought I was getting old.  Shit I was really freaked out.  I couldn’t even walk a couple days there.  After I went to the ER and the doctor suggested that it might be stress I decided it was time for me to get laid.

As it happened the beautiful black man from the pizza parlor political adventure called me up.  I returned his suggestion to get together with “I’ll just come to your place and we can fuck.”  He liked this plan but as it worked out he has a “roommate.”  So we met at a hotel.  It has been a long time since I have even been touched by another person so I was a tad neurotic, to say the least.

I told him how I have turned into a germ-aphobe, how there was no way I could kiss him, and then we got naked.

His dick was one of those curved dicks.  It was shaped like a sex toy designed to stimulate the g-spot.  My fucking lucky day.  I grabbed it, slid a rubber on it, and took it for a ride.  It felt so delicious to have a beautiful black man in me.  Ohhhhhhhhhh, I moaned.  I rode him for a while, spun around, stood up in my new Dior open toed pumps, jumped up on the vanity, had him fuck me all over the room.

At some point he picked me up and carried me over to the bed, laying me on my back.  Now I’m not usually much for the missionary position, but with that crazy curved cock of his I was more than happy to lay there on my back while he rocked slowly in and out of me.  Then quick, then slow, then quick.  He had some technique.  I came over and over and over.

After an hour and a half of fucking we collapsed into a heap.  Like the horny little bitch I am I asked him if he could do it again or if he was a one hit wonder.  He laughed.  We passed out and in the morning I found myself waiting in line at the DMV thinking I should have tied him up and demanded more sex.

It was a hot night of crazy curved cock action.  I might just see him again.  I know one thing – I feel a lot better.  A lot more relaxed and now that my year of celibacy has been broken you can expect a lot more sexcapades on this blog of mine.

Hurray I got laid!  Watch out sexy black men.

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