Queer Advocates in Public Schools?

I’m angry.  I’m angry at a system that is designed to entrap it’s citizens, to coerce conformity, and to expect heteronormative behavior without questioning the underlying presuppositions of this one-sided way of life.

Last week a young person came into my life needing help.  I made phone calls to the father of this young person.  All he did was scream at me. I hoped the situation would simmer down.  It did not. I made sure this young person had a safe place to be and then I called zirs school on Monday morning to see what had to happen to ensure that this person could attend school without harassment.  The school officials told me that the youth needed to obtain a restraining order.  We spent all day Monday and Tuesday in a courtroom until the judge granted this.

The young person returned to school on Wednesday morning, glad to be at school and expecting that the restraining order would protect zir from harassment.  Sadly it has not.  The young person has had more harassment since zir returned to school than before the event took place.  The school officials seem to think that the whole thing is a joke.  They have called the young person out of the AP classes zir is taking to meet and talk about the situation everyday.  Today they placed a statement in front of zir suggesting that zir meet with the bigoted father.  Zir had little choice but to sign it.  When the vice principal of a high school says sign this, you sign it.  I remember being a teen.  The school counselors and the officials in charge have done little to protect this persons well being.  They all seem to think that the threat of a hate crime is nothing to be concerned about.  I think they are pushing this person to return to zirs father and god loving bigoted stepmother.

Today during the meeting the father of the young person was present.  This is the person who was ordered to stay 100 yards away.  The vice principal crafted a statement saying I ___ want to meet with the restrained father, and a police officer, and miss class.  I’m certain that none of this is what the young person wanted.  The young person is a straight A student who would have preferred to have stayed in class.

The way the school officials are acting is offensive.  It is scary.  It is insulting.  And it is inherently heterosexually hegemonic.  Why are they pushing this person into a corner?  I do not understand why the school cannot back the fuck down, let the young person get through the semester and let the judge order this homophobic father into tolerance training.

I am so angry at the way the situation is being treated.   This is a sad and disgusting world we live in.  This poor young person is living in a heteronormative suburban area that has nothing but strip malls and beige houses.  There are no places to be without spending money in chain stores.  Everything has a camera attached to it and nothing different is allowed to be there.  There is not even a public library in the region. I wonder what that sort of environment does to a young freak?

I’m concerned that the school officials are attempting to convince this young person to drop the restraining order.  An order that keeps zir safe from zirs father through the rest of the semester, then there is a court date.  What the father of this young person did is unspeakable.  I’m livid.  I’m trying to not scream at the people in positions of power but they continue to bring their own morals into a situation that desperately needs to have a queer advocate present, yet does not.  I am growing more and more worried about what happens to young people who refuse to follow the herd.

Every year hundreds, if not thousands, of non-normative teens kill themselves, are killed, are beaten, and raped and forced into situations that are not safe or tolerant.  If these school officials pressure this young person into dropping the restringing order and anything happens to zir I am going to be very pissed off.  Putting someone in the way of a hate crime is a very serious thing to do.  Why then are they so adamant about fostering communication without a queer advocate present?

Should this not be a standard procedure?  Aaaaaaahhhh

I’m fucking livid.  I’m in the mood to beat the fuck out of someone.  Since it would be a bad idea to beat the fuck out of the homophobe who tossed his teen out on thanksgiving I’m hoping I can find a willing masochist to take my rage.

Please tell me there is a masochist who can step forward and take a beating.  I need to hurt someone.  I need to hurt someone consensually.  I need to do this now.  Don’t make me wait.  I’m in a real serious mood.

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