The Ess, My Trip to New England, and Another Shit Year in Sandy Eggo.

Recently I applied for admission into a PhD program in New England.  Because of the madness in my personal life I applied to only one, the one I wanted to get into.  I went to visit, spoke with professors, found a couple of them who said I could work for them, and made my application very tight.  I expected to be offered admission.  I was not.

Oh the sadness.

I am taking another year in Sandy Eggo to finish the MA I’m working on.  I’ll be applying to twenty schools in the fall.  Oh how fun, how much fun fun fun!  I’ll be retaking the GRE, plotting, planning, email professors, and working hard to get into a school closer to my sweetie.  I’m so sick of the crazy west coast.

That said, I’m here another year.  Goodie!

At this point I should tell you how great the ESS was.  The conference was spectacular.  I presented my research on a panel Friday morning.  The organizer and one of the presenters didn’t show so it was me and a professor from a catholic university, both of us discussing different elements of essentialism in queer theory. Because one of the presenters didn’t show up we had lots of time to expatiate on our ideas.

After that I meant to network, to go to lots of presentations, and to schmooze but instead I had an unexpected chance to dork around in Boston with my sweetie, Lorelei Erisis.  I was so happy to just dump the conference.  Oh I went to the presentation where Howard Becker was supposed to be.  He however thought it would be more fun to ditch the silly thing and go to Paris with his love.

Then I tried to go to the urban ethnography mini conference that had Sudhir Venkatesh’s name all over it.  It was packed. Professor Venkatesh was sweet enough to email me and tell me he was not going to attend the conference.

It was at that point that I realized that all the cool kids were skipping out on this party and I had a few days with Lorelei in Boston.  We dorked around, ate, drank scorpion bowls, went to the sociology mixer and met up with some CUNY students.

They talked me into considering CUNY despite the lack of funding.  I’m gonna go home and talk to my professor who got his PhD there.  I’m interested in a school that will let me be a radical academic.  It is becoming pretty obvious that I need to be allowed to have enough academic freedom to start a revolution.  I’m not sure any of the more traditional places I have been looking at are going to give me the climate I need to thrive.  So maybe CUNY.  I hope I can find the right place to be.  I’m tired of not knowing what is coming next.

Right now I’m sitting in the airport with a face mask on – you know the paper kind that freak out all the passengers without them.  I find the masks to be a delightful social experiment.  Also they can be kind of fetishy and if this flight isn’t full I might get a full row.  Oh how I hope.

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  1. (I’m a creepy SOB and looked up your blog today out of boredom)
    I got an email suggesting that I apply to a Master’s program at CUNY GS- I found out yesterday after I got home. I’d laugh my ass off if we ended up in the same place- now I wish I would have stayed and ran into those students! Oh well, best of luck!

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