Even the Perverts are Conservative

I don’t think I am gonna make it another year in this town.  I’m sick from the sun all the time, the people are dumb – stupid — vapid really, and the perverts are conservative in their kinks.  This I cannot stand!

Somehow the guy tonight thought I was a “nice” dominatrix.  We agreed on the phone to meet for a quick public golden shower (My favorite and sadly something I have yet to accomplish in this hole of a town).

On the phone he spoke excitedly about the possibility of becoming a “regular.”  I’m not sure what he thought that might mean as he was unable to articulate his definition of such.  I’m not certain he didn’t think that I might put out if he told me he was gonna come back with more mullah.   Like suggesting that he wanted to be a regular was enough to make me suck his dick in anticipation.

I asked him whom he had played with, if anyone. He dropped the name of a well-known domme and I agreed that he could serve as my potty for a few minutes.

I met him in a café near the Crypt.  I took his money, made him by me a beverage, then we sat down so I could watch the toilet room to make sure it was empty before heading in to find it occupied.  We sat there with a bird’s eye view of the john.  I sat sipping my tea and finishing off my second gallon of water for the day.  I love to drink it right from a gallon bottle – it creates quite the effect of nervous anticipation.

I love the look on a boys face when I can tell that he is wondering about just how much piss I really can hold.  It is a lot.  Tonight I had a wicked full bladder.  I finished listening to him prattle on about his middle management position and told him to come with me.  He said “where?” Like he didn’t know what we were about to do.  “Here? Oh this is too public for me” he uttered as though it was optional.

I sat down and asked him if he had a better suggestion.  I thought the bathroom of this particular café was swell.  I eyed it the last time I was there.  It has a drain in the middle of the room, the paint is colorful, it has mirrors placed so I can see it all, and it is a single stall – no possibility of really getting caught.  I thought it to be quite private really.

But he babbled on about it being too public and being scared.  I was willing to listen to what he had to say for a second.  Not a long time, this was a non-negotiable deal. We were to meet and I was gonna piss on him – in public.  This is my favorite game.  I love this game.  He was ruining my buzz.

I sat there for 30 seconds, he suggested that he thought I was a nice sweet domme like the high profile meanie he had previously seen – I did not want to hear any more.  I told him he could do it my way or not at all.  I stood up and walked towards the toilet.  He stayed seated.  I didn’t even go into that pisser to relieve myself.  I turned on my booted heels and split.  I went to a bar down the street to relieve myself.  I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of watching me piss in a toilet room.  The conservative perv didn’t deserve it.

I left pissed off and needing to pee. I stormed out of there. I am a bitch.  I am a professional bitch.  I am a dominatrix and I am entitled to respect from my clients.  Yes, I offer a service but it is prearranged and you do what I say.  That is part of the deal.  Visit a dominatrix – do as you are told.  End of story.  If there is one thing I loathe it is bitches who do not obey me.  I am the one in charge of the game.  I know how to play it.  You do as you are told or I’m not gonna give you the time of day.  Got it?

This isn’t even the first perv to pull this sort of shit on me out here. I had a  “heavy masochist” a few weeks back who couldn’t even take a slap on the ass.  I’m playing with a dirty old man who told me “the kinkier the better – nothing is too kinky” but a little bondage scared him shitless.  I’m over this lame sexless town.

I’m hoping I can find an east coast pervert who wants to come out here and serve me for a week.  Take all the beatings, public play, and piss I want to give – say thank you and ask to see me again.  Maybe even tip me.

I have tons of fantasies needing to be fulfilled.  I eye every place I go hoping that I can do something perverted there soon. I have a running list of public places I want to piss on someone, anyone would do.  Shit I’m so frustrated I’m gonna start pissing on myself in public.  Public water sports as masturbation?  Hmmm.

Is this town really as bad as I think it is?  It must be, I’m hot and horny and I can’t even piss on a boy in a toilet without him whining about it.  This fucking sucks!

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