I’m Gonna Post it to Craigslist

I’m in San Diego for a few more months.  I’m in and out of town as often as I can get out.  I’m not happy here.  I’m a hardcore pervert living in a conservative environment. I am kinky as hell.  I have a penchant for public water sports.  I am a mean demanding dominatrix. I’m in the mood to play.

I have been spending as much time as possible on the east coast and in San Francisco.  I’m looking for someone who is game to play, to obey me, to do as they are told, to amuse me both financially and sexually.  I have a preference for paid sexual encounters.  I’m a pervert, not a gold digger.  I know what I like.

I am in school and don’t have a lot of time for bullshit.  This town has a lot of bullshit.  I’m going to be leaving in three or five months.  I’m looking for someone to have some fun with before I split.  Give me a reason to visit sometimes, something to look back at and say “I had some fun in that town.” I have been here for two years and I can’t claim that I have had any fun here at all.

I want to piss on boys in café bathroom, at the beach, on public transportation, and in fancy hotel lobbies. I’m really a lover of public water sports.  I like to piss on boys.  This is my favorite thing to do.

In addition I like to have $ex with big black me.  Yep I love it.  I’m not the sort who thinks the thing is gonna break me.  I can’t get enough big black cock.  But you can’t be cheap about it.  A huge part of the eroticisms is being paid to do dirty things.  I like the actual exchange.

More BDSM focused activities I love include caning, bondage, humiliation, gender bending games, cuckolding, and ruby showers. I’m not into scat.  I am a fetishist.  I love to wear stockings, heels, and other high fem gear.  I lust after latex and if you want to see me cream in public take me shopping at Demask.

I’m not gonna cause drama and I don’t want to be your girlfriend.  I’m looking for reoccurring smutty times.

Please only reply if you are serious and capable of coping with my demand$.  I have had enough bullshit and would love to beat you silly and piss on you at the beach in the middle of the night.  Tonight?

Don’t make me wait, don’t disappoint me.  I’m sick to tears of perverts who talk a big game but can’t come through.

3 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Post it to Craigslist

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  1. Well don’t waste your time on CL. There is so much automated crap and fakes. And it isn’t just San Diego’s CL.
    I hear your frustration, I admit I have been a voyeur and read your blog for awhile now. I think you are short-changing this city though. Granted I am terribly unhappy and unfulfilled sexually in this town, but I have my own baggage (a very vanilla marriage). I am not interested in being a toilet, but a public GS on a beach is totally doable. Now that spring is getting here I am usually found swimming in the ocean 2-3 times a week and could easily pair up a meeting with you.
    I also love to browse stores when in Vegas, NYC, and Boston. The Fem Dom look is very hot.
    I have not had great success finding playmates that can work around my situation, but the few that I have played with have been great. I usually play the Dom and top, though I have sub qualities.

    I’ve watched your videos, read your blog, and even referred a slave to your recent post about coming out (your out not your relative). But I have never written to you before. Your recent stream of bogs show a very high level of frustration and I just felt compelled to leave you a comment this time.

    Hang in there and get through your school. When you stop searching for what you need most is when it is likely to find you.

    In the meantime, if you are still in town come May through October and need to piss near La Jolla on an afternoon let me know.

  2. I posted to CL and got a handful of sincere seeming responses. Upon further communication — none of them came through. Big Surprise!

    I am not short changing this town. It is a hole. If you want to defend it that is your choice. Maybe it is the intense level of racism, the intolerance, the homophobia, the closed mindedness, or the fact that people don’t read that makes it so awful. That on top of what is possibly the worst weather in the world (summer that never ends sucks) really makes me think that I’m actually being a little to friendly in my opinion of this town you call a city.

    You say:
    When you stop searching for what you need most is when it is likely to find you

    I say — I gave up on sex last year and got none. I’m over that. Not looking for what you want? eh? what are you, a hippie?

    I’ll be in and out of town through August. I would love to piss on you at the beach — just make sure it is as close to sunrise / sunset as possible. midnight works for me. Fuck the sun!

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