Santa Cruz March 31 / April 1 ~~ San Francisco April 1 – 12

Is it wrong to sleep with the mechanic to get my car fixed?  I didn’t think so either, that was until I realized that I’m not straight and he’s not kinky.  Also, when he got his dick out I almost laughed myself into an involuntary golden shower!

Is the car fixed?  Yes and no.  The initial problem is all better but the rattling sound that it makes from the rear is very concerning.  I’ll take it in on Monday.  I hope he doesn’t show me his silly little thing again.  If he does, I hope he can get into humiliation.

The car needs to be fixed because I’m driving to San Francisco this week.  I’ll be there through the 12th – longer if I can get away with it.  I’m passing through Santa Cruz rather quickly on the 31st / 1st.   If you are in Santa Cruz and wanna have a quick golden shower on the beach call me. I’ll be in and out of town too fast for anything much longer.

I’m looking for work in San Francisco.  Modeling, Public Pissing, Hour / Day Long Sessions, etc.  I hope I can have some sexy times in the city.  Last summer I had one of the hottest golden showers ever.  It was in a car, at a busy intersection, next to the park.  I climbed up on this guys face, pissed right into his mouth, made him drink every drop and as soon as we finished someone walked right past us.  It was really edgy.  I loved it.  I want more.

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