I’m Outta Here! ~~ Leaving SoCal Mid June ~~ Selling a buch of stuff NOW!

I’m preparing to leave SOCAL.  Yep.  I can’t take it so I’m gonna head back east and work on me thesis.  I have managed to find a few sexy people to get my freak on with here but when they open their mouths I have to listen to the music and just nod, like I’m listening to their heterosexist pov.

I’m in sd for a few more weeks.  Wanna play?  I hope so.  I need to leave this town with a few good memories.  Maybe a reason to return.  Oh how wonderful would it be to have someone to play with when I come back for my storage.

That said I’m selling a bunch of stuff.

Chaps, corsets, a pair of pink over the knee boots, a kneeler, my custom made Sony black cage, a grip of funky costumes that include a Darth Vader mask, a Yoda mask, clown shoes, Abe Lincoln beard n hat, a blond wig, my catholic school uniform skirt (yes, the one I actually went to school in), a security jacket, a big bag of used dildos, dirty panties, my big office desk, a huge mirror, a kitchen chopping block – shelf – drawer thing on wheels (it is very useful), a bunch of albums and 8tracks, and a bunch of other random things too.

If you want something send me an email.  I’m offing it.

I’m heading to New England. I’ll stop in Phoenix, Denver / Boulder, Chicago, Buffalo, then Western Mass.  I’ll head to the cape when I have a good reason to battle the tourists.  I hope I have a chance to play n pee on my road trip!

5 thoughts on “I’m Outta Here! ~~ Leaving SoCal Mid June ~~ Selling a buch of stuff NOW!

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  1. Good news for us Easterners! Will you be settling in Western Mass when you get here (NoHo, perhaps)? Will you come pee in my mouth when you get here?

  2. I’m in Southwest Connecticut, close to the Bethel/Danbury area near I-84. Do you know if you’ll be driving anywhere near this part of the state on your way to Mass so that you can use me as your toilet?

    1. I do not pee in CT. GS is an arrestable ofence in your state so I avoid that place. Come to MA.

      1. I didn’t know that GS was an arrestable offense in CT. This state sucks. I’m really close to the NY border. Is there any chance that I could meet you for a brief toilet stop somewhere over the NY border if your route takes you that way?

        Regardless of whether or not that is possible, you’re totally right, I’m going to have to come up to MA this summer to be used as your toilet.

        I’m very excited that you are coming to the East coast. Thanks for your response!

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