Facebook — Meet Old Friends and Pee on Them!

So, I met up with an old friend from high school in the middle of the night. We went to the beach, as we were apt to do back in the day, and discovered that the waves were glowing. Neon plankton on the west coast? Eh??
As we were standing there watching the waves, spying them off in the distance I could feel the sexual tension building. This is a boy I used to flirt with but never put the moves on. We only flirted, and flirted, and flirted.
So finally I put my hand in his pants. I opted to just reach in and see what I was missing. Turns out his dick is pretty big. I stood there stroking it for a few minutes as we watched the neon waves breaking. He tried to say something but I interrupted him by sticking my tongue down his throat. What could he do? He went along with it. Yes, he is married and has a family now. I’m on my way out of town, I’ll probably never see him again, and unless his wife flips cause he’s out late, or (more likely) that he smells like a slut was all over him, nothing could go wrong. We stood there making out, my hand down his button fly 501’s for what seemed like an eternity.
We were at Sunset Cliffs, he leaned me up against the railing of the stairs and told me he likes the stories of piss drinking on my blog. I took a sip from my gallon of water and just stared at him for a while, my hand now out of his pants due to the rearranging of our position.
I took another sip and told him “I’ll have to take a leak soon. What about the stories turn you on?” He muttered something about how real they are, “raw even.” I explained to him that I love to write about my sexual escapades and pissing on boys is what turns me on.
“Take off my shoes” I said, forcing my left foot into his squishy belly. He unlaced my pink chucks and put them gently on the ground. I watched him and sipped my water. “Take off anything you don’t want drenched” I told him. He stripped naked, folded his clothing neatly and put it near my shoes. I wondered if he had read on my blog that I like my bitches to neatly fold their clothing? He must read every word I type, I thought. Oh wow, My pussy was dripping wet.
More neon waved crashed behind us. When he was completely naked I asked him if he had ever been peed on. He said no. I was about to take his golden shower virginity. This made me even wetter. When we were in high school I really wanted to sleep with this boy but opted out because he was a virgin. I was a slut and thought he should wait and make it special. We have years of sexual tension built up.
At this point I’m so horny I could pop. I slid out of my jeans and told him to lay down on a rock. Sunset cliffs is not the most straightforward place to piss. There are edges, cliffs, cars passing by, a good amount of people wandering around, and the coast guard was out with their helicopters. I was balanced on this strangely shaped, and carved on, rock, he was lying under me. “Open wide” I told him. He looked nervous as he opened his mouth, squinted and squished his whole face into a ball of nervous anticipation. I almost laughed. Instead I let a very slow trickle out. It dribbled in his mouth slowly. I stopped the flow. “swallow it” I told him. He gulped it down, not gagging or anything. Such a good boy. “Do you like the way it tastes?” I asked. “it’s sweet” he said. “I juiced a pineapple when I woke up this evening” I told him. “The sugar in the pineapple makes my pee sweet. Ready for some more?” “Yes please” he said, being quite the good little subbie. “Open” I said, but didn’t really have to, his mouth was wide and begging for my sweet pee. I shot a quick stream into his mouth. It overflowed and dribbled into his beard. “Don’t spill it” I warned him. “I’m sorry” he sputtered through the piss in his facial hair. “open” I said, I let a slow, but not too slow, long stream flow right into his mouth. I stopped to let him swallow. I repeated this three times then told him to lick me clean. Turns out he’s a fantastic pussy eater, he licked me clean but kept licking. I didn’t stop him. I have been sexless most of the time since I moved here, he put his soft hands on my thighs and leaned into me. I’m still balanced on this rock so I tipped back and simply sat down. A car pulled in, they turned their lights off quickly, he kept snacking. I let a quick and unexpected shot of pee come into his mouth while he was eating my pussy. He moaned and sucked hard for my juice. It was enough to send me over the edge. I was coming in his mouth. I let all my pee go, I was coming and peeing and he latched on with suction and didn’t spill a drop. When I was done enjoying the ride he lapped a few more time to make sure he hadn’t missed a drop.
“Get my pants and shoes” I told him. He fetched them. As I was putting them I told him he could get dressed too. We sat there watching the neon waves break, cuddling, all snuggled up in each others arms. It was really fucking cute.
“it’s getting late. I have to be up at six to take the kids to school” he told me. “What time is it?” I enquired. “Three thirty” he told me. “I guess that is late. Take me home” I told him. We climbed into his child coated station wagon and headed back to my place. I slid my hand into his pants for the short journey and jerked him to the point just before coming. “were here” I said. “I hope we have a chance to see each other again before you go” he queried. “me too” I said honestly meaning it.
We hugged, I stepped out of the wagon and skipped down my driveway. It’s been a while since I have had so much fun.

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