Dirty Things To Amy

Amy is blonde.  I dislike blondes on principal. I have never met Amy.  She went to High School with my girlfriend Lorelei.  I made a comment on facebook about the fact that I would like to do dirty things to Amy while she is dressed in a cute little sun dress.

I would like to slap her face, pull her hair, pull her hair hard, put it in a braid and tie the braid to a pulley.  I want to pee on Amy’s sun dress.  I want to spit in Amy’s face and make her call me sir.  I want to bend Amy over and spank her ass with her sun dress lifted over her silly blond hair.  I want to spank her so hard she cries, then I’ll rub her bum and let some big hairy man do her from behind as I shove her face between my legs.  I want to pee in Amy’s mouth as she is mounted from behind while she wears a sun dress.

I want to take Amy out in public in a sun dress and make her pee on the sun dress, I want to laugh at her, make her cry, point at her, humiliate her, slap her around, shove a butt plug in her ass while she wears that silly sun dress.  I want to watch her skin burn all red and crispy till it is red like a lobster, then I want to smack her all over, watching her cry.

I want to don a strap on cock in a public toilet and fuck Amy in the ass while she wears her sun dress.  I want to make her lick my dick clean.  I wan tot see Amy on her knees in her little sun dress.  I want to take her to the cemetery in the middle of the night and piss on her from the top of the giant mount that is a crypt.  Her at the bottom me pissing off the top of the crypt mound. I want to drench her in her sun dress and make her wear it all day long, with a huge butt plug making her very full and uncomfortable.  I want to torment blond Amy in her cute little sun dress.

I would like to force feed her tomatoes, put ribbons in her blonde hair, force cake in her face, make her lift her sun dress to show strangers that she isn’t wearing any panties, I want to push Amy as far as I can, make her do things she finds degrading, humiliating, insulting, disgusting.

I want to take Amy to the Whately truck stop in her sun dress …

But I would settle on just tying her up and fuckign the shit out of her.  What do you say Amy — Game for something dirty?

6 thoughts on “Dirty Things To Amy

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  1. Love it, except for the part about the ribbons. Indeed, the most tortuous part of that would be the ribbons, especially if they ended up being yarn ribbons. I think I’ve paraded around the truck stop in many a sun dress before.

  2. My “response” to your post on frocks and fucking….


    Also a “frock out with your cock out” fantasy amid a post about Real Dolls (the rich man’s blow up doll)


    I absolutely adore this! Crazy sexy! You’re a full on wild-sweet mojo mofo. I’m hooked.

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