Welcome To My Site

I am Widow Centauri, professional dominatrix and funny person.  I am happy that you found your way to my page.  Feel free to look around at the lovely photos, mindful insights, strange musings, bizarre artwork, and all around pervy good time that my site is.


I am in Vegas this week and am looking to have some fun! I am very kinky and love to play! The following is my preferred scenario but not the only kind of scene I’m into. I am offering outcalls on and around the strip.

I have many sexy toys and costumes with me in Vegas. I brought my bunny Monroe costume, my red startrec mini dress for sci-fi lovers, several corsets, many pieces of latex clothing, large platform shoes, designer shoes and suits, canes, whips, cuffs, rope, a kinky nurses outfit, my Eros tech 312 with attachments, glass toys, a spandex body bag, many leather restraints, blindfolds, a pony bit and tail, a waternburg wheel, slips, stocking and lots of sexy panties!

My advert is in the VIP escort section because I don’t like to limit myself.  I’m a well-known professional dominatrix.  I have years of experience and prefer to play in public.  I can schedule sessions at your hotel room if you will be pushed too far by my public games.  I am always very discreet when playing in public and go out of my way to assure that no one not participating in the scene be over exposed to my antics.

Examples of the types of sessions I enjoy include golden showers at the beach, in bathrooms, in cars, and other discreet locations. Foot worship at coffee houses is often possible. Sometimes I like to take clients dancing all plugged up. Chastity and cuckold sessions do it for me too. Public humiliation is a real turn on.  We can play a straight couple having a fight at a fancy restaurant.  I’ll gladly throw my martini on you, call you names and storm out of the place.

I have played on the Vegas strip several times this weekend and was pleasantly surprised by the cheerfulness of the audience.  My sexy time on display like a roving Vegas show.

I am a second city trained actress and an exhibitionist.

I have been playing professionally for quite some time.  I am not interested in standard one hour sessions at a dungeon.  I might schedule something like this for you but my erotic enjoyment comes from pushing boundaries.  Currently those boundaries lie in the domain of public play, golden showers, humiliation, cross dressing,  forced-bi parties and other fun and games.

If you want to experience what it means to be a true exhibitionist call me.  you will not be disappointed.


$200 for a quick Public Golden Shower

$300 for 30 min Public Humiliation
$500 for an hour session in public of private
$600 for two hours
$1000 for the evening
$2500 overnight + yoga and breakfast in the AM

I do not up sell you once I meet you.  This is how much it will cost to play with me.  If we are out on the town expenses are extra, obviously.

Generally I enjoy playing with black men, middle aged kinky men of any race, and gender benders. You must be respectful when contacting me and during our session.  Manners count!

If you have an unusual fantasy I’m interested in hearing from you.  I am only on the west coast until June of 2010, then I head to New England for an unspecified amount of time. In mid June I will be visiting Las Vegas, the Denver Boulder area, Chicago, then Buffalo.

Look for my art, writing, photos and videos online.  Contact me via email or text if at all possible.  I can be hard to reach on the phone.  I’m in the mood to play!



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