The Review wiggles Wrote on Max Fitch

The other night I had a very hot public humiliation session with a boy known as wiggles on maxfitch.  The morning after this was posted on the Max Fitch Review Board.  I was going to write about the sexy time myself but then I thought I would just post what he wrote.  Thanks for the little story wiggles!


I’ve lamented multiple times on this board how hard it is to find someone that will really push you in a pro domination session, and that even when you say otherwise, most dommes tend to play it pretty close to the vest and try to get you to tell them exactly what you want them to do. How hard it is to really feel dominated, and to feel that you’re being bent completely to someone else’s will. Well, no more. After some email exchanges with Widow Centauri where I told her that I wanted to try a first-time public humiliation session where I “went off the deep end” and pushed my boundaries much further than before without going too much into my interests or what I liked specifically, that’s exactly what we did.

First off, just because I know everyone reading the review wants to know, Widow Centauri looked absolutely stunning in a low-cut red and black corset with a cute black skirt at mid-thigh, fishnets, and imposing black boots. We started off in a restaurant where we had a nice conversation about our lives and our kink while she did some subtle humiliation like her throwing ice down my shirt or pouring salt in my drink, and all the while she left a ball gag on the table as if to say “you ready for what’s gonna happen when we’re done with the warmup”? Finally, when we were close to ready to leave the restaurant, she put the ball gag in, and suddenly I was an object of display to anyone that saw me. After a hilarious cab ride where the cab driver first thought I had a broken jaw, then thought I was making fun of someone having a broken jaw, all the while somehow missing the giant gag protruding out of my mouth and strapped around my head, we headed off to the Luxor and it was on.

We wandered around the casino for a while with it feeling like every eye in the place was on me, before settling for a while at the bar and ordering drinks. There, she gave me olives for nose and ear plugs, a napkin for a hat, as well as loosely tying my wrist together with pink rope, all the while poking, prodding and slapping me with anything that was convenient. Eventually, a security guard came up to us and asked us to remove the pink dildo that the Widow had placed on the table, and wanted to make sure that we weren’t doing any “bondage kinda stuff”, but otherwise left us alone. Anyway, the rope wasn’t staying around my wrists very well anyway so she made me a nice rope belt instead, and we were back on the move. This was actually the scariest part of the whole session for me, as I was now pretty much in full fetish regalia following a beautiful corseted woman with huge black boots around while she occasionally rapped on my dick with a ruler past oh, what felt like 10,000 people or so. I know quite a few people in Vegas too, and I was really starting to get a little bit freaked out at what would happen if we saw one of them. Quite a few people would laugh or smile or occasionally ask questions, but on the whole I was surprised at how friendly everyone was. Everyone seemed to be pleasantly amused by the scene in front of them, and no one really said anything negative.

If the first half of the session was mainly scary and intense, the second half was much more fun and sensual. Ms. Centauri mercifully removed the ball gag for a while and let me wear it around my neck as we went to Excalibur. Somehow, this simple action was enough for me to go from feeling like my kink was on pure display to everyone and that I was being humiliated as a freak, to just feel like I was playing a fun, kinky game that was at least somewhat close to the realm of normal society. It helped when a man going down the escalator asked if this was some kind of initiation and Widow Centauri said yes.

Anyway, we got to Excalibur and bought some caramel corn. There we began the new game of the night as my new master would throw popcorn for me to catch in my mouth, and then gradually ramp up the intensity of the game to another level every few minutes. First she started alternating spitting popcorn into my mouth in occasionally. Then while sitting at another bar, she decided that in order to avoid making a mess, I should pick up all the popcorn I dropped on the floor, and eat it from the bar without using my hands. I sat close to Widow at the bar, and the sexy energy between us was strong enough that my concern about the people around us faded quite a bit. Finally, after an extremely hot cab ride where I cleaned caramel corn from her hands by licking them clean, we headed out to the main strip by way of the Flamingo.

There we sat outside and played the caramel corn game some more, but Ms. Centauri added a new twist by occasionally spitting it all over my face as well, making me look like even more of a freak show, as plenty of people walked by and gawked. We were also getting to the point where just eating caramel corn was getting to be quite a torture as even with two glasses of water at the bar, my sugar to water intake was extremely high, and I was getting very, very thirsty. Widow was relentless, going through about half of the bag in short order while we were on the strip, nearly finishing it. Luckily, I was soon to have some relief to quench my thirst.

Finally, we went back to the slightly shady neighborhood off the strip where we’d started the night by the steakhouse, and found a deliciously dirty dumpster which would give us a little bit (but not a lot) of privacy for our final degrading act of the night when we went behind it. Widow had me lay down and let out an amazing stream. Now I’ve been pissed on by a stripper before, and have had dommes have me drink their piss from a glass, but this was a REAL golden shower, and it was incredibly hot. Even with her starting and stopping and me drinking as fast as I could, I almost felt like I was drowning with all the piss pouring over me. She completely soaked my face, my shirt, and my dick before allowing me to release on myself and make myself even more of a mess than I already was.

It’s abundantly clear that Widow Centauri is a real dominant. You can tell that she really soaks up the energy of the scene, and loves to really get dirty. If this wasn’t already clear from talking to her, or from her enthusiasm during play, it would be clear from the fact that she let our session go an hour and a half longer than it was scheduled. Never once did I feel like she was going through the motions or doing anything other than completely enjoying herself. I’ve had maybe 6 sessions in the past, and pretty much always I felt a little let down afterwards like “is that it”? Not so at all though with Widow Centauri. If anything, I was still a little anxious afterward about all the people who had seen me, but also felt quite calm and satiated, and got a great night’s sleep getting 9.5 hours even though I forgot to turn the lights off. I’d definitely recommend Widow Centauri to anyone looking for a true dominant. She’s currently in Vegas where her contact info can be easily found on the Eros site, but is soon to be moving back to the East coast.

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