Sexy Skin

I love to look at tats on other people. I fantasize about having them on me all the time. I long to tattoo political ideologies and manifestos on my arms. I have had fantasies about having tattoos ever since I was little. About two weeks before I turned 18 I went into a tattoo parlor … Continue reading Sexy Skin

And Now For Something Totally Out Of My Comfort Zone

When I miss a call I return it. I called this number back a few time in the last ten days. Mark from VIP Services is what the message told me. Just Mark From VIP services. I figured he was a pimp. He finally called when I was sitting with my phone. I answered and … Continue reading And Now For Something Totally Out Of My Comfort Zone

A Quick Piss In Whole Foods

I met the cute young thing in the whole foods produce section. I put my hand out as we walked to the bathroom, he put the money in it. I opened the men’s room door expecting to find someone in there. It was vacant. We went into the stall. “Take off anything you don’t want … Continue reading A Quick Piss In Whole Foods

The Things I Get Away With

A few days back I posted something about how I want to pee on someone fully clothed, in public, on a bench. A few nights back I got a ext saying “I’m your man.” I responded wondering if he was a flake. Turned out he was not. Though I didn’t piss on him on the … Continue reading The Things I Get Away With

Kinky Sex With Yoga and Breakfast

I have been having much fun in Las Vegas. Last night I had an overnight session that included the yoga + breakfast option that I advertise. Seems like people are always afraid to come to yoga with me. I love the shit. Do you think you are too fat? Too old? Too stiff? Well Mark … Continue reading Kinky Sex With Yoga and Breakfast

Public Piss On The Strip!

On my way into Vegas he called. A piss boy I haven’t seen in years. He said he was in Henderson. “Meet me on the strip right now” I told him. In an hour I was sitting across from my old friend at the Wynn. I sat there drinking water, more water, more water still. … Continue reading Public Piss On The Strip!

My First Gang Bang

Las Vegas. I don’t like it there. I’m going back though because crazy sexy good times happened. Lots of them. Every day some new sexy thing happened. I shot some piss porn with Taylor St.Claire, I peed on a lot of boys in very public places, and I had my first gang bang. The gang … Continue reading My First Gang Bang