Public Piss On The Strip!

On my way into Vegas he called. A piss boy I haven’t seen in years. He said he was in Henderson. “Meet me on the strip right now” I told him. In an hour I was sitting across from my old friend at the Wynn. I sat there drinking water, more water, more water still. I had a gallon of it with me and wanted to make sure he squirmed as I drank the whole thing in front of him.
He told me stories about his family, about his job, the reason he was in Vegas. I sipped on my water, not really that interested in what he had to say. I had heard it all before, not much changes in most people’s lives. When I was finished with my gallon of water I ordered a beer and took him by the wrist. “Let’s find a bathroom” I whispered. “Here” he gulped? “Okay,” I answered, “nice idea, “ballsy.”
We wandered around for a little while. Looking for the right place for me to pee on him. He knew what was coming and my beer was gone now. I had a gallon of water in my bladder and a beer too. I had to pee and I was getting kind of bitchy about it. Then I saw it. A family bathroom! “Come on” I said to him as we pushed through the crowd to get to what I knew would be a single bathroom with a locking door, lots of mirrors, a drain and a good time waiting for me.
I turned the handle and it was locked. We waited. He stammered out something about how dangerous this was, how we were gonna get caught. “shut up” I told him just as the door opened and an old lady walked out of the family bathroom, looked us up and down and smiled. I grabbed my toilet boy’s hand and pulled him in behind me. I locked the door and surveyed the bathroom. It was set up just like I expected it to be. My heart was pounding. I knew that what my bitch had said about getting caught was right. There were cameras everywhere, it was only a matter of time before we were being talked to.
“Strip” I told him. He hesitated. ”Strip unless you want to be soaking wet when they throw us out of here.” He took off his shirt and put it on the sink, he pulled down his pants without having removed his shoes and his pants got stuck. He looked really silly trying to get his pants off while his shoes were still on.
“Just lay down and open wide” I ordered him. He laid on the cold tile floor. I lifted my skirt and aimed right at his face. He opened wide like a baby bird. I shot a strong stream of piss right into his mouth and watched it overflow. It got all over his face. “swallow it” I told him and he gasped for air. He swallowed and I shot another stream of piss in his mouth, he guzzled it. I let it rip. I had so much piss in me, his face was soaking wet. His hair was dripping wet with my pee.
“Stroke your dick” I told him. Someone tried the handle of the bathroom. “occupied” I hollered towards the door. “stroke it” I told him. He began to stroke his dick and I let my stream drip like a coffee pot onto his good time. “faster” I told him, “someone is waiting out there.” He stroked and I pissed and he stroked and I pissed. “Open” I said. He opened his mouth and I shot my strong stream into his mouth. “come for me now” I told him and I kept pissing, “Swallow it and come for me!” He Let out a moan and chocked on my piss. I kept pissing all over his face until I had no more piss. He writhed around on the floor making quite a mess. When I had no more pee I used his shirt to wipe myself off and pulled my skirt down.
“I’m gonna wash my hands and go” I told him. Clean this mess up and if you can get it together to do it before I leave whoever is out there waiting won’t find you in here like this.” He panicked and grabbed a bunch of paper towels, he dried himself off, dried the floor off rather half heartedly, put on his shirt and buttoned it crooked. By then I was drying my hands and opening the door. He didn’t get to wash up or even check himself out in the mirror, he was following me out the door. Whoever had been waiting was gone, we walked back out into the casino and I got another beer. He followed me until I told him to go away. “You’re a mess. Get out of here, people are staring.” “Thank you Widow” he said and turned and left.
I went up to my room, finished my beer and went to bed. I’m glad I came back to Vegas. Sin City has lots of good times for me.

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