The Things I Get Away With

A few days back I posted something about how I want to pee on someone fully clothed, in public, on a bench. A few nights back I got a ext saying “I’m your man.” I responded wondering if he was a flake. Turned out he was not. Though I didn’t piss on him on the bench I was hoping for, we went into a casino and played a penny slot while I pissed all over him.
I was wearing a dress suit, one that needed to be sent to the cleaners anyway, and a very sexy pair of blue pumps. I met him in an out of the way casino, made some chit chat with him and then moved to the machines. I sat on his lap and we put some money in the thing. I pushed the buttons and when the machine would give us “raining bonus rounds” I would squirt my piss on him. At first it was just a little but to excite him. Then it was a little more until there was a puddle forming under us.
There were security people prowling around us, wondering what we were up to. The lady at the machine next to us, stopped playing, lit a cigarette and watched us, full stare. I giggled, we won, I pissed. At some point I got so horny from the pee and the bulge in his pants that I slid a condom on him, pulled my soaking wet panties aside and bounced up and down on him as we won penny after penny!
It was bizarre. It was edgy and sexy and fun. My favorite.
We spent a good long time fucking and pissing at the slot machine, then we went out to the car. I sat in the driver’s seat of his fast looking sports car and had him get down on his knees and drink my pee right there in the parking lot. The guy in the truck next to us took notice and we had an audience. Soon there was another guy in the car across from us. They sat there jerking off as he lapped at my stream and stroked his dick I found myself wanting to fuck some more. “Get up here and fuck me,” I demanded. He wedged himself into the strange spot between the car door and the steering wheel and fucked me till I was done. “Get down on the ground and drink my stream” I told him. I shot my stream as far out as it could go. It went a good four feet! He struggled to catch it, thinking it was going to dribble. I laughed and pissed and laughed and pissed. Then I went to my old slow looking car and drove away. Fun time had.

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  1. Wow Widow. This is possibly the hottest think I’ve ever pondered. Can’t wait until you are back in New England. I’d love to do something like this.

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