And Now For Something Totally Out Of My Comfort Zone

When I miss a call I return it. I called this number back a few time in the last ten days. Mark from VIP Services is what the message told me. Just Mark From VIP services. I figured he was a pimp.
He finally called when I was sitting with my phone. I answered and he told me he was with the Palazzo and that his client is a San Diego Padre. He went on with his fast paced spewel like he was for real, like he as a car salesman. He said that his client picked me out and that if I was available to spent tow weeks at the Palazzo I would have my own suite and that I would be allowed to spend money freely on his clients account. I would be paid the standard day rate which is what his client always pays, no more. He said I would be paid $9000 a day for two weeks and that a certain amount of it would need to be taxed. He went on and on, repeating himself twice. He sounded legit. Maybe it was his tone of voice or his brashy way of getting his point across. He asked me if I was available. I said yes.
He went on his spewel a little longer spending ten minutes on the phone with me. He said he would call his client, tell him I was available and that I should call him back. I called him back and he asked me for my legal, name. I told him that Widow Centauri is the name I use and that he could call me that, pay me as that and that was a fine name. He persisted that I give him another name. I’m thinking, is this guy for real? He must be, he books high rollers, so he says. Did a lot of money just slip through my hands because I told him I would prefer that I not tell him what my ID says until we meet in person? Or is this a strange scam? Do wankers make shit like this up? Who the hell knows. I wish I knew. I wish I could get into the groove of being a high priced lady of the high rollers. I’m just a little to brazen, a little too suspicious, I have been in this business too long to tell a stranger on the phone what my ID says.
Hmmmm, what the hell just happened? This is out of my comfort zone. Does anyone know?

If you are reading this Parde, call me directly. I’m not down with hard selling pimps / high roller bookers.

3 thoughts on “And Now For Something Totally Out Of My Comfort Zone

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  1. Eh, seems odd to me in that the Allstar Break is only 4 days, and the only Padre on the DL is due to come off on the 17th… So unless they’re a former Padre, I doubt any of them would want you following them with the rest of the team….

    1. He supposedly has a knee injury. That probably outs the dude but that is what pimp o’ VIP said.

      1. Trust Your instinct. It’s a scam that’s been going around. You’ve got to front him money or he sends you access to “an expense account” but you’ve got to give up some of your funds because he overpaid you, or some shit like that. Total scam.

        When you find yourself in NYC, let me know when you need someone to consume ANYTHING……..
        Take care

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